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A Day Of Play At Taste - FIGat7th

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Taste at Fig & 7th


Wanting to take the first step in becoming a bonified foodie? Looking to explore the refined side of Downtown LA? When it comes to a foodie paradise, there is nothing quite like Taste, a fantastical culinary experience in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

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The Fried Chicken Sandwich - Juicy Lucy

Started by Chef Paul Shoemaker, the modern diner Juicy Lucy's philosophy is to "create good food and make people happy." Paul starts by using seasonally fresh ingredients from local sources, then he adds his artist's touch to reinvent classically delicious menu items like the Juicy Lucy. The core theme of the whole restaurant is to be completely organic as possible - everything is prepared fresh daily and made to order.

I would suggest trying my personal favorite dish from Juicy Lucy - The Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Fried Chicken Sandwich - Ingredients :

Fried Chicken Breast, Milk Bun, Cabbage Slaw with Citrus Vinaigrette, Pickled Red Onion, Jalapeno, Pickles, Sriracha Aioli

From The Farmer's Market - Pazzo Gelato

As much as I love gelato, a craving I acquired from my days in Italy, the real story here is the how this gelato is made. The owners of Pazzo Gelato literally use only the best ingredients in their quest to create the best gelato in Los Angeles.

The owners visit the various local Farmers' Markets in Los Angeles on a weekly basis depending on the time of year - more in Spring & Summer and less in Winter. They taste every fruit before buying it, and buy only what tastes best to them.

Following their adventurous spirits, the owners regularly take herbs and other vegetables like butternut squash back to their culinary lab to experiment in the creation of new dishes.

One of the challenges when starting from scratch with fresh fruit is that the taste varies and the recipe must be adjusted each time. It takes time to properly balance all the flavors in the recipe to achieve the delicious gelato which their fans adore.

Cocktails To Order - City Tavern

It is not every bar in Los Angeles that blend their own bitters, an essential element in any traditional cocktail. City Tavern is one of the few bars that not only blends their own bitters, but uses them like a chef uses seasoning in food - they believe that a well-balanced cocktail needs a little something to bring it all together. The trick behind their bitters is that they only blend orange bitters, achieving what they believe to be a more rounded and balanced flavor than normal bitters.

The team behind the City Tavern's cocktail menu is the dynamic duo, Cari Hah and Brent Falco, who as lead bartenders constantly experiment to create wondrous cocktails. Their own personal motto is to craft approachable drinks for individuals just starting on the road to cocktail bliss, and to have their cocktails dazzle the demanding palates of the regular imbibers.

The Taste - FIGat7th : Hours of Operation
City Tavern: 11am – 10pm Monday-Friday, 3pm-10pm Saturday & Sunday

Juicy Lucy: 11am to 3pm Monday-Friday

Pazzo Gelato: 8am to 8pm Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday

735 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017