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A cuddly, cute Christmas tail….

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Christmas Kitten Home at Last


Santa is arriving back at the North Pole after his Christmas Eve deliveries. He has a special surprise tucked away; Santa has found a little kitten. As he talks to Mrs. Claus – she reminds him between his sneezes that he cannot keep this cute little kitten named Cookie because he is allergic to cats. In this tale, Christmas Kitten Home at Last, by Robin Pulver and paintings by Layne Johnson, Santa and Mrs. Claus have a dilemma.

With Santa sneezing and wheezing, the deliveries all made and the elves having their holiday party – there is no way that Santa can get Cookie to a good home. Santa’s rule is that no pets for Christmas unless children’s parents say it’s ok. Mrs. Claus and Cookie kitty snuggle up to read the mail and check one last time…when….

Cookie skitters away and finds Santa again. With another wheeze and sneeze, Cookie is off creating kitten mayhem and madness – knocking over cookies and eggnog – and leaving milky footprints everywhere. Following the footprints to his study, Santa and Cookie find an unopened letter from Angela’s parents, the little girl who sent a letter earlier. Angela’s parents say they have moved to a new home and that it is ok for her to have a kitten for Christmas. Will Santa, the Elves and Mrs. Claus have enough time to get Cookie to his new home in time for Christmas? Or will Cookie create more mayhem and sneezing for Santa and Mrs. Claus? Find out in this wonderfully, cute tale for your Christmas cheer.

This is a splendid story for little ones and little ones hoping for a fuzzy kitty friend for this Christmas. With wonderful oil paintings by Layne Johnson this books charm, hope and cheer bring a warm essence to the holiday. This Children's Book Examiner has a Christmas kitten too - who loves to create holiday maddness and chaos - this is the perfect book for this local Bitty Kitty.