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A Couple of Great Chefs

Food & Dining Experience


Recently, I was asked who some of the "The Best Chefs" in Chicago are, in my opinion?

My answer, "so many talented Chefs in Chicago, and that's a loaded question".

There are the Chefs that we all know and love. The Chefs who are "famous" and who have been on several Local and National Television Shows. The International "Star Chefs." We have some of the BEST Chefs who are the "Ceram of the Crop" in Chicago, I must say.

Most recently I pay tribute to the Chefs who work long hours to make your Private Events & Special Parties a HUGE success.


Let me start with, Chef Steve Savoy. Steve is a Chef who I look up to. He is a charismatic, lovely man who can create some of the most mind blowing and creative cuisine that I have had the privilege to taste. From the way he plans and organizes his menu, to the very presentation, I admire Chef Savoy for his talent. I recently had a party and hired Chef Savoy & his professional staff. The party went off without a hitch. The planning was stress free because Chef Steven Savoy was on the job. I left the menu and organization of the dishes to his expertise. The party was a month ago, and I am still getting thank you notes from attendees thanking me for a great party and expressing their utmost appreciation for the terrific cuisine. It is not everyday that you throw a party at your home, and people send you thank you notes raving about the Chef, UNLESS of course, the Chef is Chef Steve Savoy. He outdid himself, and always does. Chef Savoy doesn't just work in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, he travels to make his magic happen. He is a true Artist in his trade. Chef Savoy has mastered the elegance and sophistication of cooking.

*Side Note: Chef Steve Savoy is not doing a catering business in general. I just wanted to HIGHLIGHT what a fabulous Chef he is!

I have to boast about Chef Charles Webb. Another one of those, "Diamond Status" Chefs in Chicago, however, you cannot limit him to just this city, he is World Renowned! Charles background gives him the status of a "World Chef". He comes with a very high standard and you better believe his cuisine is "top notch" quality. I am proud to have Chef Webb create his masterpieces at any number of my parties. His mastery of the trade is something extraordinary. The gift of presentation that Chef Webb brings to the table with food takes it to another level. His team is one of a kind.

I am excited to review and share all the details of the events with you in hopes that you may want to experience this excellence yourselves.

If you enjoy great cuisine and you want a professional to come in and make all of your stress roll away, these are two of many Chefs in the area who will knock your socks off.

Treat yourself and your party like the VIP EVENT you know it can be by hosting a party and asking one of these two Chefs to create the elegant experience you've always wished for.

There are many Chefs in Chicago who enjoy doing POP UPS as well. If you are in the market for a dinner that will knock the socks off of your colleagues or friends, or if you are a "foody" let me know where you'd like to have a dinner, and I will help you secure one of the many terrific & talented Chefs in Chicago. It can be a dinner at your home, or an event that is VIP status.

If you have a special Chef in mind that you're interested in giving a big hand to for a dinner or an event he/she did for you, please email me at and tell me about them. I would love pictures too. Let's give praise where praise is due.

Thank you Chefs for working so diligently and hard to make our lives easier and make our events a GREAT SUCCESS!


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