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A collage master shows us how it's done

Inside Gregory Lind Gallery
Inside Gregory Lind Gallery
Photo: Gregory Lind

Chris Corales at the Gregory Lind Gallery


Collagists beware – Chris Corales is in town, and he's not taking any prisoners. Actually, he's back in Philadelphia by now, where he's married to a professional curator, but his work is still with us for the rest of April, destroying artistic cliches and presumptions over at the Gregory Lind Gallery in The City.

Those whose idea of collage involves faces and phrases clipped from magazines, or wacky fish heads superimposed onto human bodies, may go away disappointed – and there's not a steel engraving from an old medical textbook in the house. Even Kurt Schwitters' classic mashups of railway tickets, torn labels and other similar detritus would undoubtedly look crowded and airless compared to Corales' spare gestures. This is art, not a way to pass the time and use up rubber cement. With few scraps of colored cardboard, Corales maps out the multifarious territories and aspirations of the human mind. And then, while there's still breathing room, he stops and lets the piece speak for itself.

I last wrote about Corales for in 2011, and while there are many more pieces on display this time, what I said still goes; there's no point in repeating myself. But don't wait – the show closes next Tuesday.

Chris Corales: Permanent Vacation
April 2014
Gregory Lind Gallery
49 Geary Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA 94108