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A closer look at the Stuck Boxer Brief by RibbedTee

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Stuck Boxer Brief by RibbedTee


In February, news broke right here in this column about RibbedTee fixing to swaddle the nether regions with what the owner of the company, Mike Schwarz, called problem solving underwear. By the end of March, RibbedTee revealed that the new underwear was designed to tackle the age-old problem of coming untucked and that it was ready to start taking pre-orders. Here we are now in May, and I’ve had a chance to get up close and personal with the RibbedTee Stuck Boxer Brief, and the following is what I discovered.

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Like everything from RibbedTee, the Stuck Boxer Brief is made in America from the super soft cotton. Also, like everything else I’ve had the good fortune of checking out from RibbedTee, the Stuck Boxer Brief is very comfortable, thanks to a handful of key features. The waist opening is a bit more generous than on your average undies, and the 1.5” waistband was designed to be love-handle friendly. It also features a generous pouch, crotch gusset, and seamless back panel.

Regarding the Stuck (stay tuck) feature, I have to say that it works pretty darn well. While I think it is safe to say that nothing can completely prevent a shirt from coming untucked, but the Stuck undies do a very good job of warding off the inevitable. In addition to being functional, the silicone applique adds a bit of style to this all black boxer brief.

Now, this wouldn’t be a review without a little bit of griping. Though not a major issue by any measure, the overall fit of the Stuck Boxer Brief is a bit more voluminous than I expected. It’s more boxer and less brief, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is something you should know about before buying. I certainly would not consider it a baggy fit, but it does not have the trim fit of the undies I wear every day. If you prefer a closer fit, the simple solution would be to order one size down and let the Spandex do what it does best - stretch. If you prefer a little more room throughout, the Stuck Boxer Brief is for you.

For more information about Stuck or any of the fine products from RibbedTee, click here. If you feel like getting social with RibbedTee, check their Facebook and Twitter pages.

**Full disclosure: These skivvies were provided at no cost for the purpose of editorial consideration. To think otherwise would unsound.