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A closer look at the North Coast Shirt Jacket by Edgevale

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North Coast Shirt Jacket by Edgevale


Last month, you were introduced to the North Coast Shirt Jacket from Edgevale. In that introduction, it was mentioned that this shirt would/could/should be an immediate favorite. The blending of classic good looks with a high tech layer of stretchy, breathable, wind- and water-resistant TPU, makes for a shirt that keeps the bad stuff at bay while remaining comfortable and dry on the inside.

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After a month, the crush I had on the Edgevale North Coast Shirt Jacket is over. It has now been replaced by love. The four way stretch and supple ruggedness of the Dintex Second Skin liner is a thing of magic. Despite the fact that light can pass through this fabric, it keeps the cool and damp away, and it does so while making you look good.
The poly/wool/acrylic blend of the knit facing looks and feels like something Sir Douglas Mawson would wear for one of his Antarctic explorations. It is immediately recognizable as something men have been keeping warm with for the last hundred years or so, but in this rendition most of the bulk has been done away with. On the inside, the 100% polyester fleece adds a layer of modernity to this innovative and versatile classic.

Beyond the features that make the North Coast Shirt Jacket from Edgevale an innovative, highly effective way to keep warm, there’s a number of features that help make it special, too. The grosgrain taped seams and placket are a great way to add reinforcement to a garment without adding weight or bulk, and the bright, contrasting ribbon adds an unexpected and eye-catching pop of color. The pockets of this manly shirt are big and useful, and the somewhat larger than average bevel-edged buttons make them easy to fasten even if you are wearing gloves.

For more information about Edgevale, and its amazing clothing, click here. Edgevale can also be followed via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

**Full disclosure: This shirt was provided at no cost for the purpose of testing/reviewing. Thin think otherwise would be silly.


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