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'A Christmas Carol'

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The leaves between the pages of a book multifeast as his best friend.


By Julie Denice Griffin

I am beginning to think you have gone through life with your eyes closed. Open them and open them wide. ~ The Ghost of The Christmas Angel Past

While the more socio-political and therefore a less Hawthorne on the psychological scholarly film critique of an article here dedicated to those women who actually unable to give birth to a child due to genetics or otherwise, it seems cruel to them at Christmas and whether others realize it or not to hear phrases like unto us a child is born. After all, despite those women who fix what they deem as the problem of child bearing themselves and then come back years later just to steal another woman's child because they suddenly on a whim of convenience changed their mind after sighting a precious babe, this is not what we are talking about here. So, all female Ahabs aside, a woman who knows that her worth is the value who the maker made her as a person is likely a lot more precious and valued by the eyes of heaven than one who avidly and always seeks someone to take what she deems a problem off her hands and out of her home for babysitting purposes. If what she truly valued foremost was laying around the house and eating bon-bons while she paints her toenails bright and shiny to hook the next prospective victim father whose next child she does not really want to have either, then she should not of shot them out like rabbits in the first place. Except for one major problem. If not for the child she reasons at a level more conscience than most realize, who would she have to try to control the people around her for her selfish gain. Such a world, which all about her and seldom about the proper raising of a child for the benefit of what the child is to authentically become centers only around the now and selfish pleasures of such a woman. She uses the child and anyone she can to keep herself at the center of attention. She is a taker and never a giver. Fortunately, sooner or later everyone figures this out. Therefore, while the traditional outlook of a more cultural materialism upon the man we all know as Scrooge has ranked shabby enough against the man for years, perhaps the possibility that the old coot had a point should not be totally overlooked. Conversely, perhaps he was not a dumb and confirmed no account bachelor for no reason. After all, it is likely true that not even indepth psychiatric probing or obviously over spoiling children who may grow up just to imitate the behavior serves anybody well let alone at all. Again, subdivert such a politically charged unction, we are not talking about women whose husbands passed away or for those whose spouse just up and abandoned them, became rolling stones on purpose. In addition, this article about the original Charles Dickens' Christmas story about a man gone bad after his birth mother dies and leaves him with a bitter father, makes even a barren woman cringe. The character of the book the George C. Scott (Patton star) film bases the life of Christmas past, present and future on actually spends most of his childhood reading strong literary presences. In short, the leaves between the pages of a book multifeast as his best friend, and probably the very reason Ebinezer Scrooge transforms as the best business man throughout his London town, albeit the most eccentric, and reclusive and not to mention workaholic of them all.

And just like Ebenezer Scrooge, to find that you have been tricked regarding any relationship, so the woman who gives birth to no children not out of choice, but because she does not know whether due to some ancient sorcery spell a wicked person conjoured up and called God or negative thought waves an evil person used at some level and for all reasons unknown against the good woman, she does understand Ebenezer's plight. A thousand incessant and secret injustices prayed and done and several shunnings later make even a kind lady unable to see the light of day let alone the light regarding a savior who proclaims to do good while his so called people do nothing but the bad they think no one else sees or knows. Of course, it is the tout of that good book that those who do such wickedness must do this in the darkness. What the outside world often fails to see is that the fear of the woman and the fear of Ebenezer collide, for both know what the others only suspected all along ~ That such darkness is being done within the four walls of a church office.

Mankind was my business ~ The dealings of my trade...for me it is too late. But I have come for your sake Ebinezer. I have been sent to warn you. The angel ghost states the case. "I told you Ebenezer, they can't see you. The product of a mother who died during childbirth and as the earlier paragraph stated, the old scrooge committed no crime as a child, let alone any at all by embracing the true eloquence of spending his hours with his nose buried in a book reading. The true and great error though, his father forces him to take an apprenticeship, and this by a father who hates the sight of the son who resembles the mother who died giving birth.

At the business firm of Scrooge & Marley, yet another scenario takes place. "Seven years ago, Mr. Marley died," said Mr. Cratchet. And then again, it is the shadow funeral truck which follows the man ~ And as the socio-political comparison of three types of families evolve, the superstructure of a fundamental economic conflict appear to define the basis for the support of the social existence of a film critique here. For as the visitation of the ghost who uses the business partner Jacob to describe certain events which take place to draw the book upon the film, the clever Scrooge asks as all who want to sub-divert evil of their own, and who want to try to blame this on either human chains or indigestion. "Which evidence of my reality would you have of me beyond your senses? But his cold bitter world, his heartless stance he sees not the evil of his unkind platitude. "Are you the spirit who was foretold to me?" Asks the ever inquisitive Scrooge, as he does ask many questions throughout the film. "What business have you here?" He also asks the angel ghost. "It is for your welfare that I come," replies she. The political theory of the two twin spirits of ignorence and want, while a more emotional ploy to women who bear children - the bio secondary of socio-economics, thinks more about women who get pregnant just to draw others to the event in order to try to get them to dance around the woman instead of the child, thus wrongfully while they only want to usurp the tree of honor never really do get this prize, never really do achieve it. The final loss of the representation of the woman who bears a child to take from the world represents the unchanged Scrooge. The second gain of the woman who bears a child out of a real and true love relationship and out of the pure motive to give and not take away from the world represents the second and changed or transformed Scrooge. Even Scrooge cries out at one point during the film to know a greater depth of emotion and passion. It is no great mystery that the author of the original tale wanted to expose the difference between demented emotional passion and a more pure love.

The historical context of the film makes it hard to ignore the meaning behind the composition as a work of art and the way that the story as originally written by the classic author Charles Dickens. While he based his writings on more of a London, England structure of the time period in which he lived, it is easy to see how this comparative essay of both script and book polarize the production and development of even the first known silent film about The Christmas Carol. And while the illustration of a woman unable to bear a child does neatly collide with the critical theory as the whole thing related to the very real social existence of man, the material productive forces at work the film does reflect the base of a constant dynamic process. The film means just what it says. To consume an object, and while the sense of self-creation does not play out for Scrooge in the sense that he is able to do anything on his own, he does find help to do so after the first angel ghost comes.


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