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A Catholic review of the Presidency of Barack Obama

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Sending his minion, Nancy Pelosi, to pronounce that Planned Parenthood was 'sacred ground' sums up the spiritual dimension of the two-time Obama Presidential Administration. Under no other President has Catholicism, and Christianity, received such overt persecution. Abortion, against growing dissent, continues under federal funding. Euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell destruction, continue at a steady pace. Gay 'marriage' gains daily traction--through the constant propaganda pounding of the far left--with Presidential approval. Hobby Lobby notwithstanding, attacks on religious freedom, in forced funding for contraception, and abortifacient agents, continue under the disguise of complicated Insurance policies, and under the guise of 'women's reproductive rights.' Relativism, secularism, and a general decline in our national mores, surely have received a thrust from the Obama influence. And let's not forget the early days of the Obama administration, with the Ten Commandments removed from court buildings, Crucifixes covered over during speeches at Catholic colleges, and nary a mention of God in his many public bloviations.

So, spiritually speaking, Barack Obama receives scant honor as President in this regard.

Catholics understand the 'corporal works of mercy' to bear witness to a faithful Christian heart. How does Barack Obama stand up to this standard in his practical applications of mercy in America? He surely has been merciful to terrorists. His apology tours over seas witness to a warmth toward the cost of American honor. His charity extends abroad, if you count America's enemies as the recipients, and our allies as the snubbed. Cold toward Israel, he has been very accommodating to Iran. Blocking the oil pipeline from Canada, he has bent over backwards to allow illegals to flood our borders from Mexico, and all other points south. To the detriment of our allies, he has let Russia step all over him, and us, while allowing North Korea carte blanche juvenile behavior in the Southeastern seas.

Friendly to gays, he is intolerant of Catholicism and its sacramental marriage. Friendly to female voters, he is downright hostile toward unborn babies. Friendly to freeloaders, entitling them, he has been downright nasty toward small business. Friendly toward socialists, he has been downright un-American toward capitalist, unless you're one of his donors. Friendly toward military deserters, he has been outright unpatriotic toward 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, not to mention their families, and one Marine in a Mexican prison. Friendly toward the herd which follows him, he is downright threatening (IRS, NSA, HHS, DHS, BLM, etc.) to anyone who opposes him.

And let's not forget his ineptitude concerning our economy, and his bully tactics in implementing Obama Care.

Therefore, this administration gets one (out of five) Catholic star.