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A book review ~ Emotions by Dr. Charles F. Stanley

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Book by Dr. Charles F. Stanley


I am currently reading a wonderful book by New Your Times bestselling author, Dr. Charles Stanley. The book is titled Emotions and subtitled Confront the lies, Conquer with truth. The book reads as though you were having a conversation with him. I can almost hear his voice as I read it, as I have been an avid fan of Dr. Stanley for over thirty years. I first began listening to his radio broadcast "In Touch" when I was pregnant with my first child. His voice has always been very soothing, and his advice sound. His message over the years has always been the same. He exudes great confidence in God's word and uses it as the springboard of his teaching.

In the book Dr. Stanley explores how emotions can have enormous power in our thinking process. He shares candidly of his own struggles and the root causes beneath. In a step by step approach, he explains how God has a purpose in our emotions, and how the enemy will use them to keep us from living in the victory God has given us. With tender care, he pokes and prods the reader to explore their own emotions and to deal with them appropriately. In each case he looks at the weightier matter of our walk with God and our obedience to Him.

My normal habit of highlighting passages is curtailed only because I'm reading a copy borrowed from our church library . When I buy my own, I will be heavily underlining different places for future reference.

If you're looking for a great book that is easy to read and helpful, I highly recommend this one. Throughout every page I am reminded of God's purpose and plan, even in the simplest things like our emotions. This book is not only good reading, but helpful at the same time.


"Sadly, there are issues that cloud our vision and understanding of the Father's love, power, and wisdom that keep us from fully trusting Him. They are wounds we may not even realize still have an effect on us but that create a continual breach in our relationship with Him. These subconscious fears become active roadblocks to our faith. We want to trust and obey God, but we cannot pinpoint why we're having so much trouble or how to overcome it." (An excerpt from Emotions by Dr. Charles F. Stanley used with permission)