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'A Blast From The Past'

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"Oh God, oh God save me! For I have seen the light!"


Another daylight, another door. And more delusional hippie guru who only believes that he saw God from heaven, his wife & his son (Brendan Fraser). But the only reason that young Webber seems old-fashioned, surrounds a life-long, a so far secret known only otherwise to his mom and his dad. Just what the doctor ordered, he also comes in peace. "Folks, given this extra-ordinary turn of events." - The man who asks the right question, once Helen of the white virgin genie who the guru believes a holy woman, gives birth to a son ~ Her below-the-ground home design husband gets his answer from his wife. "A bedroom ceiling," she replies curtly. After winter of 1965 though, begins to come some rap music. Nothing young Webber whose only record-listening background a lot of Perry Como & anything 50's. Once the door below the original malt shop opens though, father greets a whole new world. "I can be whatever you want me to be," the street person tells him. Father goes back to the bunker with an investigative report. "People are psychos." Apparently post-war radiation. Earlier one scene shows father who home-schooled little Webber, while gloating over the extent of classic and other literature & extensive knowledge taught the sequestered child with fighting words, "I'd like to see the public school system match that." The little boy though, as most any little boy, would really like to walk into the childhood story of Alice In Wonderland authentically.

1971 ~ Fades out the days of the 50's malt shop. Dean Martin reminds the family to just enjoy life. 1975~ And the time sequence demonstration of the flashback between the past and future of the film. "I miss those nice flower-power kids," complains the mother & once mom & pop owner of the also once malt shop. The place now furrowed by bar sounds & the clink of glasses, she seems glad to turn the business of snide remarks, nasty booze, and bad attitudes due to the negative atmosphere over to her more aggressive and now large, fully-grown keeping in the Marvin Gaye style of that time bushy-headed son. "I'm not sure I like this Marvin Gaye," style, she says. But he confusion also lies in that she wonders about the meaning, "can't get enough of my darlings love.- From that to a baseball card collection, and another more definitive blast from an earlier past, to a whole entire lifetime of collecting them from father's stored shelf forum of total gatherings of the cards a whole entire lifetime before, also share a loud emotional history of a blast from the past, through a bunch of punk-rockers. Young Webber begins to fall in love with a girl who he believes inhabited the future. Father tells the story best. "There were survivors. But some eat out of garbage cans. Others point guns, and there's something wrong with those automobiles. But his new girl, whose personae played by Alicia Silverstone, stars opposite Sissy Spacek as a possible future (from the past) mother-in-law by the end of the film. for what the San Francisco Examiner called, "Pure comic energy," fuly agrees with young Webber who now a multi-millionaire by way of his own baseball card sales, and between that and stocks from the past, seals the deal with the first non-mutant girl he met, for a thousand a week, for the Pasadena girl. Rated PG for some language.


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