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'A Beautiful Life' Měi Hào Shēnghuó

Li Peiru (Shu Qi) finds out that you can get by with just a smile, if the thing sincere.


By Julie D. Griffin

A man and a woman fall in love and marry after only one evening at a karaoke bar at Christmas.
Media Asia Distribution

Lián xiézi shǔnxī shí, nǐ de yùnqìle ~ Li Peiru

"Last year, I was alone in Beiijing ~ Nearly frozen." As usual, she sang Happy Birthday or Shēngrì kuàilè to herself. She had no money, and despite some business things she did, nothing at all came from that due to reasons unbeknownst to her. Abandoned by friends who could not care less, and who even fought against her for other unknown reasons, and as if left to die, Fang and Fang alone helped her out, and slowly she began to help him out as well. The injured pair began to try to heal and help each other. Huīfù hé bāngzhù hǎishìshānméng. Even on the first night he rescued her from sure trouble, he gave her a loving piggyback ride at the Chinese city where they live downtown. A magical moment, the wonderment of rows of Christmas trees shine on down the block, the stores lit up so bright, and two people who met at a karaoke place smile. The kiss kiss fish float upon a soft aquarium water ruǎnshuǐ shuǐzú guǎn and as he puffs his first cigarette of the evening at home later, upon a moment of solitude, Fang makes a decision through a difficult manifesto. After all, the physical head injury he once acquired while in the line of duty as a police man sometimes makes it hard for him to think. After speaking with Yao Ming though, and later during directing some traffic at work on another day, a woman, the same woman he once just helped greets him. "What's your name? I remember you." “Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? Wǒ jìde nǐ.” The off duty cop who once went above and beyond the call of duty to lay her upon her pillow at home asleep, who protected, who truly watched over a distressed lady considers her now.

"You two go ahead. I cannot sing this song. Nǐmen liǎng gè jìxù. Wǒ bù huì chàng zhè shǒu gē," he explains. At another place another man admits this. And yet all does not mean lost even though she had asked one other man to buy a home for her later that same night. And later a few real friends who hang out a small rock cafe' chat about home town things like Tiazin and of the village Mentougan and of a friend, Zhentang. "Get a wife, she'll take care of both of you," “Nǐ zhǎo yīgè qīzi, tā huì dài nǐmen liǎ de zhàogù.”the rock guitar player who sings an American rock song with the simple form of the Chinese language ~ The song which seems to echo off of the pastel painted electric guitars which hang on the walls. Later although Fang has to eventually leave his job as a policeman due to the increased trouble with his prior physical injury, the fact that his marriage to Shu Qi now helps him out transforms as a blessing as the two work together to now care for each other. Sadly, before the end of the film, Fang ends up hospitalized with the progression of the head injury. However, when his wife Li Peiru (Shu Qi) faints upon finding the condition of her husband while she stands at his bedside, she wakes up to find that her upset fánnǎo condition and her love Ài for him the very thing that does heal him. The two wake up with her resolve and he brand new. Despite some of the things that had happened along the way, the two end up married and live happily ever after.

To summarize, the film about a police man named Fang, a Chinese man who lives in China, he falls head over heels in love tóu zhuì rù àihé with Li Peiru (Shu Qi, a Chinese woman there after he rescues her from a rather industrious evening out from the singing place. Before this, the girl did not know why she stumbled over her own two spiked red high heel feet. As if to provide some kind of meaning to life, even she said as the quote above reveals, "Even the shoes suck when you are out of luck." “Jíshǐ xiézi xī dāng nǐ shì chū yú yùnqì. ”The poor girl thought she had been in one relationship with a man, only to find that a sham and a facade. But when Officer Fang of a now new and A Beautiful Life Andrew Lau directed and produced (2011) romance film, written by Theresa Tang comes to her rescue during his off duty hours her whole life actually does change. For the better.