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A 2013 film 'Plush' gives the Goth scene a soundtrack to drool over

The soundtrack of the 2013 film, PLUSH.


Every so often, a film is released that governs a whole new trend in the subculture. For example, while the 2002 flick "Queen of the Damned" left plenty to be desired among the die-hard Anne Rice readers, the score of the film was pivotal in the Goth scene. Even now, twelve years after the soundtrack's release, you will still catch us swaying and grinding our hips to "Slept So Long" and screaming the lyrics of "Forsaken" while we sling back our Bloodbath cocktails in the shadows of our nightclubs.

'Plush' the movie poster.
'Plush' the movie

A steamy and dangerous 2013 film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, 'Plush', has provided the Goth scene with not just an incredible movie all around, sure to be a cult classic, but also with a soundtrack that you feel in your bones. 'Plush' is about a young singer who, despite being married, becomes involved with her new guitarist. The music that the characters create during the course of the story leave your heart racing, and your mind - well, you'll just have to see for yourself. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

The geniuses behind the 'Plush' soundtrack are The Cutting Edge Group, an international full service provider of music for the film, television and advertising industries. Most memorable of all the tracks is definitely "Close Enough to Kill", with the songs "Half of Me" and "The Look in Your Eye" running a very close second. These tracks are as probing, sensual, violent and decadent as the erotic thriller they were written for. The songs are performed by vocalist and 'Plush' starring actress, Emily Browning, whose provocative voice takes the catchy melodies and dark lyrics to another level entirely.

You can listen to most of the soundtrack on The CEG's YouTube channel, and it is available to purchase on iTunes.