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90210 Final goodbye: We All Fall Down

90210 says goodbye
90210 says goodbye


After five incredible seasons, the CW's 90210 has now come to an end -- and what an end at that.


Last week, the show left us with a huge explosion, but as we came to find out throughout the episode, all of the Beverly Hills friends made it out alive. The final episode answered lingering questions we've had throughout the entire series. Not to mention, there were some great guest appearances by the GooGoo Dolls and Prince Jackson -- yes, that was Michael Jackson's son talking to Silver.

Here is the quick rundown...

Naomi once again gets what she wants, except this time, she actually deserves it.

It's official, Silver has the cancer virus. As much as we all hoped and prayed she'd test negative, mid-episode, Silver's hopes for the future seem that much more important.

As we've all been hoping since their West Bev High days, Adriana and Navid say they will be together forever.

Liam finally realizes that yes, Annie is the one for him and finally proposes. Oh yah, and she says 'yes'.

Sure, all of this could have been answered in episode two of season five, but hey, can't say we didn't enjoy the ride. What show will you be tuning into next?