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4moms introduces the rockaRoo

4moms launches the rockaRoo
Courtesy of 4moms

4moms rockaRoo


My little guy is one of those babies that can’t fall asleep unless he’s being rocked. Finding a product that helps him sleep has been difficult until now. 4moms, a company known for designing and developing really cool and innovative baby products such as the mamaRoo, origami stroller, breeze playard and recently introduced the rockaRoo in January.

The rockaRoo flips the traditional swing on its head – literally – by moving the pivot point below the seat. The seat maximizes baby’s sensation of motion with a much smaller design. The 4moms rockaRoo features advanced robotics and intelligence as well as motion control software that uses an array of sensors to continuously check the seat position and processes this information at a rate of tens of thousands of calculations per second. The software responds to the motion in real time, causing every “rock” to be completely unique.

The idea to flip the swing upside down began with the insight that rocking is more efficient than swinging to create the sensation of motion, a feeling controlled by the inner ear. In a traditional swing, a baby’s head is close to the pivot point above the seat and doesn’t move very far. In the 4moms rockaRoo, a baby’s head moves more given the greater distance from the pivot point beneath the seat. The movement experienced in the rockaRoo increases baby’s sensation of motion, which translates to more effective soothing.

I received he rockaRoo in Multi-Plush and it is one of the best inventions I have used so far for my baby. It’s sleek, stylish and has many features that I love. When I started using the rockaRoo, the first thing I noticed was the size and weight. It only weighs 11.5 pounds!! That’s nothing compared to some of the other heavy and cumbersome products out there. It doesn’t take up too much space, which makes it great for parents who do not have a lot of space.

The rockaRoo has five different speeds also features an extremely soft and comfortable seat for baby that is removable to make washing easier. In addition to Multi-Plush color, it also comes in Classic Grey and Silver Plush. It also has a removable toy bar with three plush toys, which kept my baby busy while I did things around the house.

Another really cool aspect of the rockaRoo is the MP3 option, which allows moms and dads to choose and play their own music. The combination of the music and the rocking helped soothe my baby to sleep. I also noticed that for a baby product the speakers are really superior; much higher quality sound than those built into most baby gear. You can create your own playlist for baby or feel free to download the Spotify playlist 4moms created based on a Facebook survey they did with their fans. It includes everything from “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Baby Mine” to “One Love” by Bob Marley and “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show. Feel free to download here.

All in all if you’re looking for a product that looks good, not cumbersome and actually works then the 4moms rockaRoo is for you! The product is now available at Babies R Us, buybuybaby and Target, and retails for $159.99 for the Classic and $179.99 for the Plush model. It is suitable from birth to 25 pounds. For more information visit and check out the product video

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