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'48 Hrs.' is a good quick ride

48 Hrs.


This weekend, the number one film at the box office was "Ride Along," a buddy cop comedy. For at least thirty years, this genre has been quite popular and most of these movies are indebted to the box office success of 1982's "48 Hrs." The formula for a buddy movie has an ill-matched team that finds working together difficult. Their styles are usually out of sync, and the filmmakers signal their incompatibility by giving them clashing wardrobes, speech patterns, tastes in cars, women and food. But eventually, they find qualities to admire in each other and a shared desire to get the bad guy off the streets. Their attempts to work together fuel the comic situations.

"48 Hrs." is set in San Francisco and stars Nick Nolte. He plays Jack Cates, a no-nonsense cop looking for an escaped convict, Albert Ganz, who is searching for money he stole before his prison sentence. Because Jack is so dedicated to his job, his romantic life suffers. Jack meets Reggie Hammond (played by Eddie Murphy), a hip young criminal who once worked with Albert. Reggie is currently in jail, and Jack reluctantly takes him out for two days to help bring down Albert.

"48 Hrs." features one of Eddie Murphy's first major movie roles. His performance is excellent. He bring a lot of humor and energy to the role. Nick Nolte gives one of his best performances as Jack, a workaholic who slowly learns to respect Reggie. These actors have great chemistry and make a great team.

The movie has a lot of impressive action scenes. For example, the opening scene where Albert escapes is very exciting.

"48 Hrs." is a classic action-comedy. It ranks among the best buddy films of all-time.