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'300:Rise of an Empire' tops charts

'300: Rise Of An Empire' a 3D action, fantasy


“For glory’s sake, war!” – Xerxes

'300' VS '300 Rise of an Empire'

Seven years after the release of the first “300” film, an impressive release of “300: Rise of an Empire” hit theaters and did some damage at the box office by opening at number one with a weekend gross of $45,038,460.

Was “300 Rise of an Empire” worth the wait? Let us take a closer look!

Worst: The film was not “historically accurate”. Technically, Artemisia did not command the Persian fleet at the Battle of Salamis. Also, Xerxes was not at the Marathon war and the Spartan navy was not as huge as it was depicted in the film, it was actually only sixteen warships. Besides some ridiculous moments, such as Xerxes human to god transformation, the film was bearable and easy to follow. This film is definitely not for those who have the inability to think outside of the box.

Best: The movie had more great qualities than negatives. For those viewers who love gore and blood, the film fulfills that want. The slow-motion scenes of beheading and other destructive deaths were satisfying and not at all comic-book like. The movie did have a few flashback moments so to speak as the wars took place during the times the Spartans went to meet their demise.

The actors did an awesome job however the old protagonist was missed. Seeing his face in the film a few times definitely would not have hurt ticket sales. There is also a sex/fight scene like no other between Artemisia and one of the fighters (identity undisclosed to avoid super-spoilers). Artemisia emits a certain unmatchable evil from unforgettable movements to facial expressions and a villainous vibe that only grew stronger throughout the plot.

To 3D or Not to 3D?

Yes! Watching this film in 3D is the icing on the cake. Local Miami viewers were glad they did and one viewer, Jamie, even admitted he “did not have the urge to steal the 3D glassed this time just to get my monies worth.”


Producer Mark Canton expresse4d that he would like to do a sequel for “300: Rise of an Empire”. So hopefully if one is done, it will flow smoothly picking up where this one left off.


“300: Rise of an Empire” has a total gross of $140,929,021. The original “300” film released in 2007 had a total gross of $456,068,181.

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