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‘300: Rise of an Empire’ (No Spoiler) Review

300: Rise of an Empire


In the sequel to 2006’s highly successful and entertaining ‘300,' ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, the follow up fell extremely short (insert naval pun here [tried to dive in the shallow end?]).

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If you’re after lengthy and graphic battle scenes that pull no punches, interspersed with long, drawn out, excessively dry dialogue and a couple ironically humorous bits, than look no further. But if you’re after an engaging and interesting story, it’d probably be in your best interest to stay away from Zack Snyder’s work altogether.

Overall the story is very straightforward, in that much of it is a retelling of the prequel – Greece is being invaded and the residents must band together to repel an invading army that outnumbers them drastically. So there isn’t much draw there.

But where this movie really shines is in the visual elements, both of the actors as well as in the effects. Sullivan Stapelton gives an astounding performance as the brave and bold leader Themistokles, heading the Greek resistance. On the other side you have Eva Green as Artemisia, heading the Persian fleet’s invading forces and offering a cunning enemy that only a woman could embody. There are also a slew of other supporting characters who give excellent performances, each in their own right.

But, despite the magnificent visuals, the story still lacks much of a coherent story. If I’m perfectly honest, I think that they really should have held off on releasing this one until the summer. Yes it’s entertaining, but only in the mindless raw way that professional wrestling and ‘Cops’ are…

At the close, I would like to thank Epic Theaters for their providing a very amiable theater in which to view this (and other) movies and recommend that you go to one of their several local locations for your next cinematic experience.