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30 Years of Splash: 5 Reasons We Will Never Forget the Tom Hanks Mermaid Romance



This past weekend, March 9th, the comedy "Splash" turned 30 years old. For someone like me who grew up in the 80's it seems like only yesterday that Darryl Hannah seemed naked, Tom Hanks became the best friend we wished he had and we found yet another reason to worship John Candy. Is "Splash" a legendary comedy? No, but for what it is, an offbeat, good natured, and just plain sweet comedy that lasts in our memory simply on charm alone.

Here are five good reasons why we will never forget "Splash."

1. Tom Hanks

"Splash" began Tom Hanks' run of good guy comedies that would lead him on an evolutionary past like few actors have ever experienced, from goofy comic actor to serious actor and to his place now as a genuine American institution. "Splash" delivered Tom Hanks to the big screen in the best way possible, a role that played to his strength as the guy everybody wished was their friend.

2. Darryl Hannah

Today, Darryl Hannah is a character actress shining in supporting roles like her villainous turn in "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2" but in 1984 she was a nubile ingenue and the object of many young boys' desires. Hannah's Madison was a perfect combination of insane beauty and charming naivete. Few young boys who grew up in the 80's will ever forget those hints of nudity throughout the movie that are nothing but figments of our imagination.

3. John Candy

John Candy was arguably the biggest star in the cast of "Splash" with his time on SCTV having given him a cult following. Candy is a classic scene stealer in "Splash" bringing a little edge to the PG rated proceedings. Tom Hanks have been the guy everybody wanted as a friend but Candy was the guy you wanted to party with.

4. Eugene Levy and Pratfalls

One of our great comic character actors Eugene Levy emerged in "Splash" thanks to a series of ever more painful pratfalls. As a kid I could never stop laughing when Levy came on screen with a new fantastic claim about a mermaid in New York and wound up with another spectacular injury. When Levy's bad guy becomes a good guy at the end of the movie its a moment audiences cheer like few others.

5. Come on, it's a movie about guy falling in love with a Mermaid

You have to admit, there are few movie romances quite like that of "Splash." A movie about a guy falling in love with a half woman/half fish simply should not work but in the hands of director Ron Howard and a sensational comic cast, "Splash" became something special, a raggedy, goofball romance with irresistible charm. A movie that those who experienced it in the 80's will never forget.

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