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3-minute book review: Rebel heart beats strong in 'Take Me Tomorrow'

Take Me Tomorrow is a young adult dystopian thriller by Shannon A. Thompson.

'Take Me Tomorrow' by Shannon A. Thompson


The book: ‘Take Me Tomorrow’ is the fourth novel by Shannon A. Thompson. Published by AEC Stellar Publishing and released on July 12, ‘Take Me Tomorrow’ is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The story: An uprising spurred by the clairvoyant drug tomo compels the powerful State to enforce strict curfews while meting out harsh punishments to citizens connected to tomo. Sixteen-year-old Sophia Gray doesn’t know much about the State outside her own region, but an encounter with a strange young man in the forest starts her journey toward a revolutionary movement that places her life and the lives of her loved ones at risk.

Opening lines: ‘Argos.’ I yelled at my elkhound-husky mix as I sprinted across the familiar ground. Dangling thorns tore at my clothes – a pair of grass-stained jeans and a worn gray sweater. The August heat made it too hot to wear fall clothes, but the durable cloth received most of the forest’s abuse as I dashed through the trees.

The review: ‘Take Me Tomorrow’ is a young adult dystopian thriller set in a future America where an oppressive government outlaws weapons, limits travel, curtails freedoms and closely monitors its citizens for any connection to tomo, a drug blamed for an uprising that ended in a horrible massacre. However, tomo is touted by the resistance as a beacon of hope because the drug imbues its user with clairvoyance.

‘Take Me Tomorrow’ isn't about tomo, the massacre or the government crackdown, though. It’s about a feisty teenage girl named Sophia Gray struggling to understand the complicated world around her. Sophia barely remembers her past and appears to live more comfortably than the average citizen because her father is employed by the State and shielded from the injustices of the government.

Sophia's life takes a U-turn after she meets Noah, a mysterious young man on the run with a tragic past. Sophia doesn’t trust Noah, who keeps her in the dark about his mission while at the same time telling her, ‘You’re involved, and you have been since way before I came back to town. How can you not see that?’

Sophia is challenged to open her eyes but fears Noah’s influence is drawing her friends and family into a dangerous conspiracy against the State. Sophia and Noah share a connection, but their strong personalities clash, inhibiting the romance but not the attraction. Frustrated by all the secrecy, Sophia must trust her instincts on whether or not to assist Noah and her friends in their covert activities. Sophia is reminiscent of Sarah Connor in ‘Terminator,’ an everyday woman prodded by a passionate rebel to challenge her beliefs and fight for a brighter future.

‘Take Me Tomorrow’ is a fast-paced, character-driven thriller that drops the reader into the middle of a simmering American revolution guided by a well-developed but unknowing protagonist who's as unpredictable and complex as the plot. Hopefully, readers of ‘Take Me Tomorrow’ will clamor for a follow-up novel, because as interesting as Sophia’s present is, her future is even more intriguing.

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