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3 books to fuel your drawing bug

Book "My Heart, Christ's Home"


Do you want to learn how to draw but can't figure out where to start? Well theses three books will help you get started in the craft of drawing.

Drawing on the Artist Within a book by Betty Edwards.
Everyone has an artist locked deep down inside them. As a child the artist was free to roam, unfettered by such things as criticism and judgement from others. Over the years as you turn from childhood to adulthood, unless it is nurtured and allowed to grow, the artist within goes into hiding.

While it is true you may not be a Rembrandt or Picasso you can create art which is unique to you and your own style. In her book 'Drawing on the Artist Within', Edwards states, "You will be discover how quickly and skillfully you will be able to learn to draw; equally surprised to learn how much of the language of visual, perceptual thought you already know."

The book is filled with exercises and tips on how to once again see as an artist, how to turn artistic thoughts into actions and new ways to think as artist. The book is a good tool to help you get reintroduced to your inner artist. The book can be found online at such sites as Amazon at reduced prices. with

Drawing on the Right Sight of the Brain is another book by Betty Edward.
The act of drawing is not so much about what you think you see with the left brain, but about what is actually there which is an action of the creative right brain.

In her book, which was recently updated and expanded, Edwards uses creative exercises such as turning a picture upside down, in order to see the lines and dark spaces more clearly, to guide you into drawing as artists, which is using your right brain, the artistic side.

This book is a great resource for anyone who thought they didn't have an artistic bone in their body. After a few exercises you will be elated after you realize you have learned to draw and draw quite proficiently.

Experiential Drawing by Robert Dvorak
Drawing of any kind is an experience. In his book, Dvorak concentrates less on the fundamentals of drawing and more on the experience of drawing. Dvorak states that, "when we experience drawing as a process of seeing and not as an attempt to reproduce reality, we express our personal creative vision authentically and effortlessly."

The book is full of exercises such as Exercise 6-3 on page 31 Blind Contour Drawing and Exercise 7-2 on page 42 Negative Space Awareness, which are designed to help guide you through the personal drawing experience in order to unlock and uncover your creative potential.

All three of these books are available new or used from various outlets like Each of the books is highly recommended for the beginning artist as well as any artist who is trying to get reacquainted with their inner artist.

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