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'28 Days Later' is a great zombie film

28 Days Later


From Halloween costumes to television shows like "The Walking Dead," zombie characters and plots have permeated popular culture for the past decade or so. One of the most memorable films featuring zombies is "28 Days Later," which came out in 2003.

"28 Days Later" is set in England. In the film, a group of animal rights activists go to a lab to release chimpanzees that are being experimented on. They are warned not to do this since the chimps are infected with a virus that causes rage. Four weeks later, Jim (played by Cillian Murphy), a bicycle courier, wakes up in a hospital and finds it is empty. He goes outside and finds it deserted. As he is walking around, he goes into a church and sees people who have been infected. They try to attack him, but he is saved by Selena (played by Naomie Harris) and Mark (played by Noah Huntley). They inform him that the virus spread, and there are very few survivors.

This movie is directed by Danny Boyle, who won an Academy Award for his impressive work on "Slumdog Millionaire." He does a great job making "28 Days Later" gritty and realistic. Also, he makes the zombies scary since they move fast. Zombies in other films often walk very slowly.

The performances are all excellent. Cillian Murphy is very good as Jim. As the story progresses, the audience sees him transform into a stronger individual. Naomie Harris is also great as Selena, who is very tough as a result of living as a survivor. Yet she is sometimes vulnerable. Brendan Gleeson is good as another survivor.

"28 Days Later" ranks among the best zombie films of all-time.