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’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: ‘Pilot’ Jack is back

24 Episodes 1 and 2
24 Episodes 1 and 2
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'24: Live Another Day'


Let the adrenaline rush begin. We start off with men lurking about the streets of East London and it ends with them seeking and capturing their target…Jack Bauer. Jack has turned in his leather jacket for a hoodie these days.

CTU ‘s new chief, Steve Navarro (played by Benjamin Bratt) is all too eager to turn Bauer over to Audrey Raines’ husband Mark. Mark is another eager beaver type who clearly will be making some dumb decisions as the hours wind down. Audrey’s daddy, James Heller, is now the President of the U.S. although he shows symptoms of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. CTU London looks as sterile and gloomy as all the other previously bombed out CTU headquarters. There is also another blonde-haired beauty, Kate, working at the agency. It remains to be seen if she can ultimately be trusted or if history will repeat itself. What is gathered though is the fact that Kate, who is being transferred, has somewhat of a sketchy history with CTU and there is one brown-nosing agent named Eric who is itching so badly to take her place he can hardly keep still.

Its 11:15 and counting as Jack soon arrives for interrogation. Steve could best be described as overly confident and sickeningly smug. He is the goose that thinks he’s got the golden egg. He does, but he is mishandling it (Jack). And then there is our beloved Chloe who is being held in the basement her will, receiving unsolicited injections and looking like Herman Munster’s daughter.
Kate tries to tell Steve that Jack’s capture was a setup. He wanted to be brought in, but Steve, like all the other former chiefs, he doesn’t listen. A hard head makes for a very soft gluteus-you-know-what. Kate sneaks in to interview Jack, but is quickly dragged out. Steve is so upset with Kate he decides to have her escorted from the premises now. You can almost hear Eric humming “Happy Days are Here Again.”

But Kate is right. Jack did set himself up to be taken in so he could break Chloe free from CTU’s clutches. Chloe has been charged with treason. Aww, Chloe. You’re so rebellious. Jack does what he do and gets them the heck out of there. Now that Kate has proven herself, Steve is having a change of heart and Eric is feeling like an insecure little girl.

And while the employees of CTU one another insecure person, Audrey’s husband Mark Boudreau, are focusing on Jack Bauer someone is hacking into the U.S. so-called sophisticated systems and taking control of military drones and using its missiles to kill. Unfortunately, an innocent solider is being framed for the murder of two American and two British soldiers. How ironic is it that President Heller is in London to sign a treaty with the British. Things that make you go hmm.

An hour has passed. Those at CTU who are not a part of the walking wounded are trying to track down Jack and Chloe’s location. Eric is still up in arms over Kate still being around and Chloe is out and about up to her eyeballs in grunge. Jack follows Chloe to her organization of hacking geeks. However, Jack needs to locate someone who used to be a member of their little group. Derek Yates. Jack believes President Heller’s life is in danger. Apparently, Derek is the hacker behind this drone control, willing to sell to the highest bidder.

The band is back together! Chloe volunteers to help Jack stop a possible assassination attempt along with other vicious acts of violence that are sure to follow. While Jack is working his way up to Derek Yates’ hide-away apartment, Chloe sits in the van working her computer magic. She starts with cutting the camera feed to the building.

The goons notice the glitch and go outside to check it out. They run across Jack Bauer. Jack shoots. He slices and dices but still Derek and his gal pal get away. Using a tracker, Kate and her CTU crew arrive on the scene and hold Jack at gunpoint. He begs her to stop Derek and the girl, but it’s too late. They get ambushed. Everybody is too busy ducking and dodging bullets now.
The clock is ticking. Jack and Kate have a brief moment alone where he gives her a brief version of what’s happening before knocking her out. Okay, so now Derek is dead. His gal pal is no dumb broad. She twists a knife in Derek’s ear like a cork screw in a wine bottle and calls “mommie” regarding her victory. She has Derek’s hardware.

Watch ’24: Live Another Day’ on Mondays at 9:00 on FOX.

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