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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘8:00 PM to 9:00 PM’ moment of truth

8PM to 9PM
8PM to 9PM

'24: Live Another Day'


Jack tells Kate about Navarro who is on his way to meet Adrian with the override device and Chloe is still hanging with Adrian. They both look as if they are lacking nutrition and could use a good blood transfusion. Jack is spending all his energy chasing after Navarro who has been royally set up by the pasty looking Adrian.

An empty handed Navarro is captured and handcuffed, but Jack spots the distinct yellowish bag containing the override draped across Adrian’s shoulder. He then chases after Adrian and the train he’s riding on. This is when Jack notices that Chloe is with Adrian.

Agent Eric Ritter finally gets his moment to shine and steps in Navarro’s shoes as director, making all the announcements, calling all the shots. Oh snap. Kate learns Navarro is the one who set her husband up and guess who gets to interrogate Navarro? And we all know Jack can be nice but for only so long. Navarro gets all cocky and demanding immunity in exchange for his wealth of information. Jack, in turn, gets all angry and violent and nearly breaks the man’s hand off. Good times fans, good times.

As expected, Navarro loses all that cockiness and screams for immediate medical attention instead. Kate shouts at him as a team of men pull Jack off the government traitor. An insecure Mark is busy stabbing Jack in the back by scheming to turn him over to the Russians. Chloe, realizing she’s with a world class nut job, tries and fails to run away with the device.

Kate storms into the medical exam room where Navarro is receiving treatment for his damaged hand. She rants. She raves. She brandishes a gun right into Navarro’s forehead. Jack enters the room and orders Kate to lower her weapon. She does not. She rants and raves some more until Navarro gives up the information they needed. Well played you two. Well played. You can almost see the hope fade from Navarro’s face as he realizes it’s over for him.

OMG! When Adrian and Chloe return to Adrian’s latest techno lair, they find all the other geeks dead or dying. Moments later, a very familiar face arrives. It’s the same Chinese meanie who tortured Jack and Audrey Raines several seasons ago and now he’s forcing Chloe to restore the override to its original state.

Mark is beyond frantic. Now that he knows Bauer is in route to retrieve the device, he tries desperately to stop the kidnapping of Jack Bauer. But he’s too late. Suddenly, a large truck barrels into the vehicle Jack and Kate are traveling in which sidetracks them from their mission because now they have to shoot their way out of this predicament.

Before he dies from a bullet to the head, Adrian confesses to Chloe that no one had tried to kill her. Morris and Prescott’s death was an accident. So she spent all those years living as a bitter anti-government Goth geek for nothing and now her life is in danger, being held captive by a crazy man who just manipulated a missile launch directed towards a ship.

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