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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘6:00 PM to 7:00 PM’ the hour of truth

6 PM to 7 PM
6 PM to 7 PM

'24: Live Another Day'


Simone is brought in to “CIA General” (formerly known as CTU General, the underground hospital) with swelling on the brain. Meanwhile, Margot is counting on President Heller to keep his promise to surrender himself to her as Jack instructs Kate to urge the doctor to wake Simone up from her coma. So what if Simone dies afterwards. Jack needs answers now dang it!

Heller springs his Alzheimer’s news on Jack as well as the agreement he made with Margot. She promised to destroy the drones after she destroys him. In President Heller’s mind, he does not have long to live anyway so why not hand his life over to Margot the maniac and save the lives of millions of people. Jack reluctantly agrees to take Heller to Margot. Unbeknownst to Audrey, Heller calls himself spending some final quality time with her by reminiscing over an old family photo.

Jordan is walking around bleeding with his would-be assassin following the blood droplet trail like bread crumbs. Jordan calls Navarro to inform him that someone tried to kill him. He knows Jordan. He knows. But you already knew that didn’t you? The way to be certain Navarro is behind the attempt on his life was to lure the assassin to his location. Very clever Jordan. The two men fight and unfortunately, Jordan had to kill the baddie before he could find out why Navarro wanted him dead. Speaking of Navarro, he and Adrian are besties. May they both go down in eternal flames together.

Jack has a plan to save Heller. He insists that Kate force the doctor into waking the “B” (Simone) up. Nothing like a gun pointed at your back to persuade any doctor to do just that. Simone is brought back to faint life and tells Kate about Navid’s hidden disc before zonking out again.

Jack and President Heller sneak out for their rendezvous with Margot “insane in the membrane” Al-Hazari. Margot and her crew are settling into their new rat-hole while Jack and Heller are in route to Wembley Stadium. Navid’s disc has been recovered and Chloe is frantically working to de-crypt the encrypted as a last ditch attempt to save Heller’s hide.

Thanks to a note written by her dad, Audrey now knows what is going on as Heller stands in the middle of the stadium awaiting his fate. Trigger happy Margot launches the missile to take out President Heller. Boom! The clock has stopped ticking.

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