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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘5:00 PM to 6:00 PM’ the motherless hour

5pm to 6pm
5pm to 6pm

'24: Live Another Day'


For decades now, millions of people have associated happy hour (5:00 p.m. to beyond) with trekking over to their favorite watering hole to drink away the residue of a hard day’s work. On “23,” much more lively things are liable to happen once the clock strikes five.

Simone looks like she’s been hit by a bus. Oh wait. She has. You know what that means don’t you? Jack Bauer will be in hot pursuit of the banged up and bandaged young woman. He needs full access to her while keeping access way from her killer mom. But dear old mum learns of her daughter’s predicament and she does not bother to send flowers. No, this wildebeest sends a henchman to finish the job a city bus could not do.

And if you haven’t guessed already, Navarro is the scumbag selling intel to China and the same scumbag who framed Kate’s husband. Yeah, just wait until Kate finds out. She’s got Jack Bauer skills and whether she realizes it or not, the longer Kate hangs around Jack, the more skills of the trade she will learn. Right now, Kate is questioning Simone’s niece who tells Kate she overheard Simone warn her mother they were in danger of Margot’s wrath. Unfortunately, Margot now knows Simone has betrayed her thanks to the eavesdropping henchman. Margot is ready to cut off more than Simone’s fingers. Disobedience has its price.

Navarro sends Jordan out on a mission. Unbeknownst to Jordan, who is excited about this opportunity to do field work, the mission is to get him killed. This is his punishment for searching for the missing information regarding Kate’s husband. Navarro is such a jerk.

Jack, in that raspy loud-whispering voice of his that we so love, talks to Simone. She is uncooperative so he puts the squeeze on that little piece of finger of hers. Ouch! Apparently, the pain was too much to handle and Simone zonks right out. Jack joins Kate in the hall and apologizes for “the tactic” she just witnessed. Perhaps she can use this technique on Navarro when she gets whiff of his dirty deeds.

Soon, the two are run into Margot’s henchman acting all innocent, but he does not fool Jack. No one is supposed to be in that hallway. All of sudden, gunfire is exchanged and one of London’s finest shoots and kills the henchman. However, there is good news. Jack retrieves the man’s cell phone. The bad news is Margo is sending a drone to the hospital to take out her daughter. While Jack is busy rescuing Simone, Kate is frantically searching for the niece. She finds the frightened child hiding on the floor. The sick and the well start evacuating as fast and as best as they can.

Eagle-eye Margot spots her no-longer precious daughter inside a car with Jack, Kate and the little girl and dispatches one missile after another in Simone’s direction. Simone lifts her head to view the carnage and is no longer spewing words of insanity like “how much her mommy loves her.” The proof is in the pudding or carnage, rather. Odd, you would have thought the proof came when her finger got chopped. Seriously, the woman deserves absolutely nothing for Mother’s Day. Jack and the gang cleverly switch vehicles and by the time Margot realizes this, it is too late.

Jordan goes to the drop box still believing he is “out in the field.” He gets shot and falls overboard a boat. Funny thing, the hit man can’t find Jordan’s body in order to plug another bullet in him for insurance and that is because Jordan got away. It’s good thing he was able to use those sea legs and swim. Jordan is a smart young man who looks like he can put two and two together. Oops, it’s not looking good for you, Navarro. President Heller contacts Margot, who wants the President to turn himself into to her, but what does Heller really have up his sleeve?

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