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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘4:00 PM to 5:00’ hour of troubles

4PM to 5PM
4PM to 5PM

'24: Live Another Day'


Word is slowly seeping down the international pipeline that President Heller does not have his wits about him and in other “24” news, Navarro survived the big boom at the fake Al-Hazari homestead. And don’t you just feel sorry for Margo Al-Hazari’s kids? How can you come from that womb, be raised by that beast and have your wits about you?

An insecure Mark asks Jack to stay away from Audrey. Please. Like that is going to happen. It was hard writing that sentence without laughing. Good luck with your request Mark. The handwriting on the wall is becoming quite clear regarding Mark’s fate. What are the significant clues? There are many. For one thing, Mark is about to allow himself to be used and entangled in some foolishness. That’s never good.

Margot’s son boldly suggests she should not have killed Navid in front of Simone. That little bold suggestion cost him a hard slap across the face. Still wrapped in a loving motherly mood, Margot orders Simone to kill Navid’s sister and her young daughter in case he may have mentioned something to his sister. One can never be too careful.

Jack partners up with Kate who quickly learns that Team Jack requires orientation by way of torture from bad guys. They visit someone who Jack has double-crossed and Kate is immediately suspended in the air like a chandelier. Yes, torture is in order here. Jack’s plan to trick his nemesis is interrupted when MI-5 moves in unexpectedly. With Kate’s life literally hanging in the balance, she is able to pull a classic Jack Bauer move. She locks her torturer’s head between her legs and snaps his neck. Ouch!

Simone accepts her sister-in-law’s invitation to stay for dinner where she has a tearful change of heart. Heart. You have to wonder where Simone got hers from because she certainly did not develop a change of heart from her parents. Simone tries to warn her sister-in-law to take her daughter and leave London. Danger, Will Robinson, danger! If anyone out there is old enough to remember “Lost in Space” you’ll get that.

The sister-in-law wants to know details. Doesn’t that just get on your nerves? Just go! Simone makes the mistake of letting the woman see her knife and of course, sis-in-law gets the wrong impression. A struggle ensues, sis-in-law had her last supper (stabbed accidentally) and unfortunately, the young daughter witnessed her mother’s death. To get away from knife wielding Aunt Simone, the girl runs out into the street. Simone chases after her and runs smack dap into a bus. Ouch for real!

Later, we see Navarro sneaking around to make a phone call. On “24,” there is always someone sneaking around to make a phone call. There is always some mole in the mix who thinks he loves his country. There is always some greedy Gus zealous to make a huge monetary deal. But there is always Jack Bauer ready to bring them all down.

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