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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘3:00 PM to 4:00 PM’ the threatening hour

3pm to 4pm
3pm to 4pm

'24: Live Another Day'


Poor Simone is at home writing in pain and sobbing silently. Margot a/k/a the devil, “apologizes” to Simone for ordering the removal of her digits. In fact, mommy dearest takes responsibility for it. If she had known earlier about her son-in-law’s moralistic thinking, there would have been no need to have daughter’s fingers chopped off.

While Jack is being detained, Kate is busy working with Chloe. Yes, Jack has made a believer out of Agent Kate. That bump on the head he gave previously must have knocked some sense into her. Chloe downloads the hacking proof to Kate, who in turn transmits the information to the CIA office in London. Navarro has it confirmed and then warns President Heller who then gives the command to ground all drones. But Margot “Idi Amin” Al-Hazari is hip to the do-gooder’s tricks and demands that the President surrenders himself to her or else she will turn London into a Mad Max thunderdome wasteland. Hey, it’s drone for a drone. Since Margot’s husband and others including children were killed by a U.S. drone, she wants her day of retribution. Hades has no fury like a woman scorned by a drone.

Finally, Jack’s theory is believed by everyone and he is released from custody, but after all Kate did to help to bring this evil to light, she gets pulled off the job. That’s a fine howdy-do. Jack, who “disappeared” four years ago, meets with President Heller and volunteers to go back in the field in order to help capture Stalin, sorry, Margot.

At long last, Jack and Audrey come face-to-face. It’s almost heartbreaking, so bittersweet to watch. Thankfully, their reunion is brief due to Jack rushing her out of the room, otherwise it was about to become a cry-fest. Adrian packs up shop but Chloe decides to stay and help Jack.

Navarro and his team go to a house where they think Margot and her dysfunctional children are located but thanks to the clever thinking of the WWF (World Women’s Federation’s Chloe and Kate) they may have been able to get out in time. It was setup by Margot who had her son send a drone to the empty house so the jury is still out on who survived the blast.

Navid still has visions of escapism in his head, but Margot got wind of his plan. The woman has eyes in the back of her head. Since her son had been secretly studying Navid and his drone commandeering skills, Margot trusts him to take over the job. Uh-oh. You know what that means.

After Navid is roughed up a bit, he is taken down to the basement or laundry room. It’s hard to tell. With the exception of her garden, Margot’s style of hominess is so unconventional. Navid pleads for his life. He pleads for Simone’s life, telling Margot that Simone would not want her to do this. Really? Did we not witness this same creature have her own daughter maimed without asking if she’d like to keep all of her fingers?

So anyway, Navid’s mother-in-law from Hades tells him to just ask Simone what she wants. And here comes Simone sauntering down the steps with no life in her eyes and pale as sheet. Frankly, if you didn’t know any better you would think she was drugged out of her mind. Maybe so, but was that a smirk on her face?

Alas, Margot a/k/a Attila the Hun, cold-bloodedly shoots her son-in-law in the forehead. Well, at least Navid finally got what he wanted. He got his chance to leave.

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