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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘2:00 PM to 3:00 PM’ the defining hour

2pm to 3pm
2pm to 3pm

'24: Live Another Day'


Jack reaches Lt. Tanner inside the Embassy and attempts to leave with the young man’s flight key but a few good men (marines) are hot on his trail. Kate and her partner Agent Ritter are also playing this fast paced game of “Operation get Jack Bauer.” Chloe is back at geek headquarters trying to help Jack find escape routes but there are too many boots on the ground. There is no way out for Jack so he barricades himself inside a room occupied by a handful of people.

Margot “mommy dearest” Al-Harazi is home planning evil deeds when she should be baking cookies or something. Simone’s husband Navid spells out his plan to run away despite Simone’s warning of her mother’s wrath if he does flee the cuckoo’s nest. He forces her to make a hard decision…either she chooses to accompany him or stay with mommy. Simone chooses the hubby. Soon afterwards, Simone is cornered in the kitchen by Margot (and it’s hard typing the word – mother). Feeling pressured, Simone confesses everything. Unfortunately for this family, leaving is not an option and according to Margot, Navid will pilot those drones come heck or high water.

Agent Navarro calls Audrey’s husband Mark to deliver some distressing news. Jack Bauer is still a thorn in Mark’s side and will not be plucked out easily, if at all. Okay, so Navarro didn’t say that exactly but he might as well had. Later, Mark eagerly exaggerates the situation and tells Audrey and President Heller that Jack is at the Embassy holding folks hostage. Mark seems to be the overly ambitious thick-skull type. Even though Audrey gave her husband a stern talking to, are there any bets on how long he he has for this world?

Navid foolishly stands up to Margot knowing full-well she is the alpha male in that house-hold. Navid emphatically declares he will not pilot the drones so Margot orders two goons to manhandle her daughter and commence to chopping off a finger. Some things are just more important than the well-being of your children apparently. Margot then asks Navid again if he will pilot the drones. The answer is yes. Whew! Navid will need his fingers to man those drones. And the mother of the year award goes to…well, certainly not to Margo “eat her young” Al-Harazi. An Emmy nomination maybe the actress, but no mother’s day brunch and spa certificate for the character.

While President Heller allows Mark to whisper bitter foolishness in his ear, Kate starts to warm up to the notion that Jack may be telling the truth. Heller instructs the marines to go in deep as Kate crawls above the ceiling in an effort to help Jack. HSIC (head soldier in charge) sneakily commands another marine to take Jack out the first minute he gets.

Chloe pleads with Jack to give himself up. The marines storm the room but not before Kate lands and convinces Jack to hand over the flight key so she look into it and claim him as a CIA prisoner thus saving his life. The marines were practically salivating at the chops for the chance to put a bullet in our hero, but Kate was ready to take them on. Well played Kate, well played.

Simone sobs as she lay in bed nursing her butchered and bandaged hand. Margot is at command central (living room) gazing lovingly upon possible targets for drone strikes.

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