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’24: Live Another Day’ recap: ‘1pm – 2pm’ the revealing hour

Episode 3
Episode 3

24: Live Another Day


Chloe is still sticking with her buddy Jack and it seems like old times again except for, you know, her going all Morticia Adams on us. Jack finds a dead hacker Yates on a bathroom floor having wallowed in his own blood. Thankfully, Chloe, with all her wonderful techno toys tracks Yates killer girlfriend stepping onto a train. Jack manages to board the same train car as our little femme fatale but she recognizes “the American.”

She slashes her thigh in order to smear blood on her face and accuses Jack of attacking her. During all the confusion as men approach Jack, the vixen escapes, in part, because Chloe froze after seeing a happy family walk by when she should have been paying attention. Sadly, we learn why Chloe froze and why she ventured over to the dark side. She lost her husband Morris and only child Prescott in a horrific car accident she believes was meant to kill her.

It’s almost 1:30 p.m. and Mark and the CIA are no closer to capturing Jack Bauer than the sheriff of Mayberry is in apprehending our hero. We learn the real name of the shrewd female killer who took Yates’ device and his life. Her name is Simone and she is the daughter of terrorist parents. Simone’s father is dead but her mother Margot is alive and calling all the crazy evil shots. While some moms spend time teaching their children how to cook or driving them to soccer practice, Margot has nurtured and groomed her eggs to be radicals.

Kate goes against orders and kidnaps Bashar so she can use scare tactics in retrieving information from him. She drives him to an area where a group of guys he ripped off are hanging out and tells Bashar to get out of the vehicle. The tactic works. Bashar would rather stay inside the vehicle and remain live. He drops names like Yates and Chris Tanner, the soldier being accused of sending the drone. Kate just knows these are pieces to a large puzzle.

Simone is, of all things, actually married and Margot pretty much tells her son-in-law to get over Simone “getting close” to Yates. It’s all part of the job and for the greater good. Easier said than done. The man can’t stomach the thought of another man bedding his wife. Later that evening, Simone seduces her husband, but first he confides in her that he’s not sure he can carry out their mission, whatever that is. All the while, mommy dearest is watching and listening to them in what should be the privacy of their own bedroom. Oh this twisted woman is going to be a pistol. Don’t you get the feeling that Simone’s husband don’t’ have long for this world?

Adrian Cross, who is supposed to be helping Chloe and Jack, has actually doubled-crossed Jack. Instead of setting Jack up with a badge that would allow him access to President Heller’s location, he rigged up one which triggered a mismatched identification alert. That’s okay though. Jack knows how to cause a commotion and weasel his way into any crack, crevice or building he wants.

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