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'22 Jump Street' Breaks the Comedy Movie Sequel Curse

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22 Jump Street


Most movie fans know by now that the majority of comedy movie sequels suck, and "22 Jump Street" makes sure that we don't forget it. That’s the beauty of this near perfect comedy sequel as it may not be quite as fresh as the original, it comes pretty darn close.

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While "21 Jump Street" made fun of how stupid it is to make old tv shows into big screen movies, this one sets its sites on sequels and never lets up while still feeling fresh. That's a really tough thing for any sequel as they are less fresh once that first scene hits. "22 Jump Street" opens with a clever "previously on" recap that has fun mocking Annie Hall and closes with a montage of future sequel ideas that is so worth staying for.

Along with the running sequel joke, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill now stretch into the formula for a college movie along with showing what great chemistry they have as a comedy duo. Tatum is one that always surprises as he's really embraced his comedic roots playing the big loveable goof. While Hill is a pretty precise comedic actor, Tatum has that rare ability to turn a joke on its head making it funnier than it was originally meant to be.

"22 Jump Street" picks up exactly where the original left off with the duo trading high school for college and the prom for Spring Break, but this film is more about male friendship than anything. The jokes come flying fast with more hits than misses, but even the misses are so over the top zany that you can easily forgive them before another hit lands right at you.

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) really know to work a joke visually so get ready for some great De Palma style split screens along with a Hummer and golf cart high/lo speed chase. They've constructed a very smart film that definitely feels bigger than the first one, but as they let you know throughout the movie, everything gets bigger the second time around. That includes the laughs you'll have all throughout this one.


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