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'22 Jump Street': All you could want in a sequel

Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

22 Jump Street (film)


"22 Jump Street" came to theaters on June 13 and has since earned over $100 million at the box office. This of course is the sequel to "21 Jump Street", which is the film remake of the popular 80s TV show of the same name starring Johnny Depp.

Dynamic duo directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller returns to guide this hilarious cast in one of the funniest and well-executed comedy sequels to date. Returning stars Jonah Hill as Morton Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko, the troublesome cop duo that go from the first movie in high school to now being in college. This movie starts out with a light hearted, carefree feeling that doesn't take itself seriously and that is part of what makes this movie an overall success. Other returning cast members include Ice Cuba as Captain Dickson and Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters, who had a more than memorable final scene from the first movie.

After a botched drug bust in pursuit of “The Ghost”, Schmidt and Jenko are sent on another undercover operation. The pair must attend college to discover who is selling "WHYPHY" a new deadly drug, which has claimed the life of one student already. Moving the headquarters literally across the street, hence the 22, the guys must now get their new assignments.

From the opening, when we get a “previously on” to seeing the 23 Jump Street address coming soon, audiences already settle in for wit and fun. This movie mixes obvious comedy and over the top antics together perfectly to get audiences laughing aloud. The duo combination of Tatum’s dry, serious demeanor that slowly reveals his sharp wit and Hill's ease and funny guy persona gives this comedy the ideal leading men.

Once the pair settles in on campus, Jenko’s cool guy demeanor and Schmidt’s nerdy, off the cuff persona divide them so that each actor Hill and Tatum get to flex their comedy muscles. Having to mix police work while attempting to be college students couldn't be ideal but mix in these two characters making wrong choice after wrong choice it creates comedic gold.

Jenko and Schmidt fall into different circles in order to investigate, sending Jenko towards the jocks and frats while Schmidt goes the artsy way. Jenko excels at football and during a walk on tryout, which gets him invited to rush. Jenko easily finds his niche with these party guys while Schmidt struggles. In attendance of a poetry slam, Schmidt gets pushed into performing an original piece, which is over the top and hilarious, but he finds just where he might belong.

This divide of art, poetry and the jock, fraternity life highlights the heart of this movie. Overall, a hilarious, crazy, over the top comedy, this divide of Jenko and Schmidt as they must decide between partnership and separating, gives the audience moments of heart and tenderness. Although laced with sarcastic wit, not only do Tatum and Hill hit comedy gold they manage to work their way into the hearts of audiences with their tender screen moments. This comedy isn't all drugs, parties and shoot outs, it gives audiences moments to take a brief pause from the laughter and contemplate the importance of those in our lives and just what friendship, family and loyalty mean to us.

In the end, this movie mixes just the right amount of comedy, action and drama to create one of the best sequels a movie could ask for. The stars have just the right amount of appeal and screen presence, mixed with the perfect comedic execution, which gives the recipe for audiences to keep coming back over and over again. This movie definitely stays in line with the original movie concept and project, rather hilariously, in the end where it can go.