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2014 WWE Extreme Rules Review!

Rob Van Dam impressed at Extreme Rules
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2014 WWE Extreme Rules


The 2014 WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View was live last night on the WWE Network (and other cable options...why do you not have the Network? Do you know how many Steiner Brothers matches I have watched on the network? More than worth the $10.00 a month fee! But I digress..) and it was a success! This was easily the best Extreme Rules PPV I have seen. The opening WEE-LC match on the preshow was way more entertaining than I could have hoped for. I had low expectations for it (because I'm a wrestling snob) but El Torito/Hornswoggle (along with 3MB and Los Matadores) really made it a fun match to watch (and the mini announcers). Paige vs Tamina made me all kinds of nervous because I am not a fan of watching the beautiful Paige get thrown around like a doll by Tamina (why hasn't she had a better diva's push?). But the beautiful Brit won to retain her pink belt. Rusev vs R-Truth/Xavier woods was the butt-whoopin I thought it would be (and Lana looked even more impressive. With all do respect to my lovely Paige, Lana made my mouth drop..but I digress and will try to stop drooling because I'm a professional *insert laughter*) I am looking forward to see how they build up this monster Rusev as clashing styles sometimes make for the best matches.

The Shield vs Evolution match was really well put together. Everybody in the match did they part or at least the part we all knew they could do (somebody didn't deliver anything fantastic or can guess who). I can't get enough of all three members of the Shield and I am one of the fans that happens to be very excited for the future of WWE. #BelieveInTheShield . The triple threat match of Cesaro/Swagger/RVD was really good, even though everyone knew the finish. RVD is so over, it is ridiculous! (as he should be, he's amazing) I could write an article just for this match, but I'll leave it to you to go watch it on the WWE Network (I should get something for promoting it this much! Give me another wristband or something VKM) if you missed it live on PPV. Hopefully we'll get a few more Cesaro/RVD matches and they (fingers crossed) give Swagger something to do. The cage match with Bray Wyatt and John Cena was pretty good but the ending was absolutely fantastic! Wyatt has got to be the best gimmick we have seen in quite awhile if not ever. The stuff they are doing with the PG restrictions is brilliant and this feud has my permission to continue! (this is an ending you do not want to miss) The WWE world title match was also quite entertaining with these two studs keeping the Extreme Rules match interesting. The bit with the forklift was very entertaining as I have never seen anything like that and the ending sets up for another match (Kane & Bryan are both great workers, I won't complain with their matches). I would much rather watch Kane vs Bryan again then any other big guys that make falling down look awkward. All in all, it was a really entertaining pay per view and along with buying my ticket to Monday Night Raw (#WWEDC) in June, I had a pretty good wrestling weekend! Time to go watch Monday Night Raw!