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2014 winter olympic fashions

Hairstyles at 2014 Winter Games


If you are watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics then you have noticed some of the new styles rocked by this years Olympians. Opening ceremony was very stylish this year with hostess' walking around with incredible headdresses on, as well as dancers putting on a show for everyone to see.

Snowboarders Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Shaun White no longer has his long curly locks to keep him warm, however; his new polished look turns heads! Many of the female snowboarders are primped and preened with sexy hairstyles and makeup, just to go plow through the snow effortlessly. Curls, eyeliner, and snowboard, check!

Watching ice skating competitions is just as much fun as checking out the extravagant outfits as well as the hair and makeup. Most skaters with long hair wear it up, however when they wear a pony tail and start spinning it ultimately makes there performance look hot and sexy. Just look at Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy from Germany in their Pink Panther program, you couldn't miss them. However Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov of Russia, had a very elegant approach in their choice of costume and makeup that served them well.