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2014 Martial Arts Super Show, Opening Ceremonies

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2014 Martial Arts Super Show


Last night was the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Martial Arts Super Show. Again this year it was a show that did not disappoint. The opening ceremony for the Martial Arts Super Show is always exciting and packed with a powerful message. This year was no exception.

Frank Silverman, Executive Director of The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), grabbed everyone's attention from the start with the story of the birth of his second daughter just a month earlier. In his story he gave everyone present a very clear picture of the power for positive change the martial arts instructor has in their community. As a Doctor told him,

You, as an instructor are a doctor. The mats are your operating room. The self-confidence you teach your students is far more powerful and life altering than any prescription I can write. The discipline you instill far more effective than any rehab I can give.

This message of power, positive impact and importance to life was echoed in the messages delivered by Sarah Fields, President of Century Martial Arts and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Marcus Luttrell. The show was capped by a motivational talk by Victor Antonio. Mr. Antonio is an author, sales trainer and International businessman who brought himself up from poverty in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago to become an unequivocal success. His message was clear, success begins and ends with you, the same message martial arts instructors teach their students daily.

This year's opening Ceremonies has once again set the tone for an incredible Super Show. The performances of Panda! And the Chip Townsend Demonstration Team set an exciting tempo and the combined messages of the speakers gave the gathered martial arts community powerful sense of direction and focus for the remaining two days of the show.