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2014 International CES (Consumer Electronic Showcase) Sneak Peek

New Tech Gadgets


Over 160,000 industry affiliates from all over the world converged on Las Vegas to get a preview of the latest in consumer electronics at The 2014 International CES showcase. 

As a member of the press I attended the “CES Unveiled” preview events in addition to the trade show that revealed the latest consumer tech gadgets to showcase this year. Key themes at the unveiling include: Digital Health & Fitness, The Digital Home, Advanced Gaming, flying drones & digital toys. Here is your sneak peek into a few of the devices, keeping you on top of the latest in mobile technologies. 

I'll be covering these devices and much more in detail on ABC TV's App Chat in weeks to come! Stay tuned!

Logitech Powershell for iPhone, Gaming Device
Logitech Powershell for iPhone, Gaming Device
Francie Black

Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone! This was definitely a hot item at the show and I believe this will be a big hit in 2014. Insert your iPhone into the PowerShell and play games at a whole new level.

Dacor: Control your Connected oven/range from Anywhere. With the latest in cooking technology from Dacor you can turn on your oven to preheat while you are shopping at the grocery store! Your smartphone controls the oven from anywhere. The beautiful digital display is Internet connected providing you access to cooking tips, multiple times, recipes and more!

tinke: Manage your health with your phone. tinke offers an add on smart phone gadget to measure your blood Oxygen Level, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate and Heart rate variability. Place your finger on the tinke device sensor and your readings are recorded to your smart phone, tracking your health history with a simple touch!

Power2U: USB & power outlet all in one: Simple and smart! There is no need to describe the benefits of this device that hits the market this year.

Flying quad copters & drones with cameras! Amazing. There are a Varity of these devices hitting the market. They come in a variety of formats: large, small, with or without cameras. Pictured here is the Parrot MiniDrone. What will be flying over your house this year? 

yurbuds: Wireless earbuds. If you don’t like the cords between your ear buds and music players, you can cut the cord with yurbuds. These cordless buds work on Bluetooth technology giving you the freedom of a cordless connection for your audio.

mother: what do you care about today? This super innovative designed home management device allows you to manage and know what is going on at the home front all the time. Place the sensors around the house: on doors, windows, coffee pots, etc. Create your sensor rules via an app. If the sensor detects movement, temperature change or any criteria that meets your rules, you are notified via the app. There were a varity of these devices by other companies, too such as iHome.

Fitbug with KiKplan exercise apps: Similar to the popular fitbit, this exercise and monitoring devices takes it a few steps further. You can wear your fitbug on your watch, shirt, underclothes, etc. and has additional apps that help you meet your fitness goals. The example here is the “no more baby belly” KiKplan.

I’ll be testing out and reviewing these products and a lot more throughout the coming months. So stay tuned for more great info.

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