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2014 Infiniti QX70: Quiet quality

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Infiniti QX70


Quizzically is how I responded when I first learned of Infiniti’s plan to rename its vehicles so that they would start with the letter Q.
Quirky, I thought; why do such a thing?
Quickly, though, after getting into the QX70 luxury crossover, I realized that by any name, this is a pretty good vehicle.
QX70 is the new name for what used to be called the FX37 or FX50.
Quad-banger engines won’t be found in the X70, as it has a 3.7-liter V-6 engine that makes 325 horsepower, or a 5.0-liter V-8 that makes 390 ponies, with both mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission.
Quench your thirst for towing heavy things in the QX70 by opting for the V-6’s 2,000-pound towing capacity or the V-8’s 3,500-pound capability.
Quell the protests of those who have ridden in uncomfortable vehicles by getting in the QX70 and experiencing the reclining rear seats, dual zone climate control and heated front seats.
Quash your fears of Infiniti choosing a drastically different exterior style for this vehicle; it’s largely unchanged from the swooping style of the previous version.
Quit worrying, also, about losing control of the QX70, as the V-8 model comes with an adaptive suspension that adjusts to driving conditions and it gives more exact turning with its rear active steer functionality.
Quibble over the price of this vehicle, if you wish, but it starts at around $47,000 and ranges to around $64,000.
Quieting a critic, like me, of crazy naming strategies is not easy, but when you build really good vehicles, it helps.



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