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2014 IKEA catalog

2014 IKEA catalog


There's no theme (or doesn't appear to be) to this year's catalog; if there's a focus, it's simply about having a comfortable home and spotlighting the fabulous designers.

One of IKEA's unique storage products use in IKEA review

The 328-page (if counting the front and back covers, front-inside and back-inside cover pages) continues to have several tips and ideas for each room and various décor ideas (for example, page 134 advises that “While doing homework at the same table is OK, the bed has to be your own private space”).
And from page 127: “When sharing living space, there needs to be enough room for all of you. Or make more rooms. Store the stuff you have in a shelving unit that doubles as a room divider or rather a room maker. More furniture makes room for more people-it's strange but true” (it all depends, in my humble opinion).

The table of contents doesn't start until page eight (last year they were on page 21!), but once again, you'll be so engrossed in the previous pages, that it won't really matter.
When you do, there are four main sections or categories. They are: Ideas, which contains “Relaxing” (offering an abundance of coffee tables, sofas, soft rugs, rocking chairs and side tables), “IKEA Business”, “Organizing”, “Children's IKEA”, “Eating”, “Kitchen”, “Sleepingand Bathroom.”
Styles contains just “Styles.”
Products covers ”News”, “Sofas and armchairs”, “Coffee tables”, “Dining furniture”, “Workspace furniture”, “Lighting”, “Storage”, “Children's products”, “Bedroom furniture”, “Frames and mirrors”, “Decorations”, “Tableware” and “Cookware.”

Shop at IKEA contains info about the stores (including online) such as: “Plan before visiting the store”, “Shop where you want”, “Services”, “Return policies and limited warranties” and “Restaurant offers.”

The pictures throughout the catalog are still fabulous! And IKEA's prices remain affordable (from $10 to under $50, to $100 and over). The budget-minded and big spenders will be happy!

For more info and to order the FREE catalog (online or print copy), go to
Not only can you download the IKEA catalog app, you can also download their mobile app. It's currently available via Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Additional Info

In all homes, big or small, sometimes you need to be on your own for a while-to drift away from everything, but still stay close. Two sofas, back to back, can create such calm little islands for 30-minute (or longer) everyday vacations.

IKEA has a seating sofa combination that can seat up to 14 people!

Corridors and corners can become excellent rooms; let how you furnish follow the space.

Instead of getting everything in one go, why not let your storage grow over time?

If your home is pretty much one big room, try bringing all your storage together to make it calm and free up workspace.

Placing small storage stations throughout the home makes children and their things welcome everywhere. And storage doesn't have to be big and square. It helps just as much if it's fun and tiny.

Most IKEA products are designed and packaged so that you can take them home yourself. But if you prefer, IKEA can deliver your purchases directly to your home or office.
Delivery prices start at $59.
For more info, visit

Clothes only worn for a day usually don't need washing; hang them to air overnight and they're as good as new (I always mix and match with the same pair of pants or jeans and socks for a two-day span-but I wouldn't do this with tops or blouses-and never with underwear! And always keep the weather in mind. If it's very hot outside,change everything the next day!).

Got a kitchen island? Extend it with a table (the cook's now part of the group too). And there'll be no need for a separate dining area.

By sticking to just a few coordinated colors, you can keep the eating area calm.

I'm passionate about how people live their lives at home. It helps me understand their everyday life, and make sure IKEA offers functional products that are both affordable and beautiful.”-Mia Lundstrom, Range Strategist

Durable and easy care make leather sofas practical for families with children.

Can't find a table that suits you? You can make your own. IKEA has a “table bar” where you can select the legs you like and combine them with the table top you like. There are several sizes and styles to choose from.
Take a look at or in your nearest IKEA store.

Untreated solid pine shelves can be left “as is”, but can also be painted or stained.

I get to develop all these textiles that people use all over the world. We always try to figure out what people need in terms of functionality, beauty and style. The challenge is to create the best offer for the customer, from basics to elegant. It's a big responsibility, but a really great one.”-Emma Jones, Product Developer

Source: 2014 IKEA catalog

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