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2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline challenges the competition

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2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline


It wasn't too long ago now that the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro joined the Ford Mustang to rekindle the American sports car segment to win the hearts of the true muscle car seeking buyers. Soon to follow, the third domestic giant, the Chrysler Corporation, decided to get a piece of the pie, and re-launched a familiar nameplate, the Challenger. After spending some quality time with all of the above, it's not hard to now have nominated a favorite. And the winner is, the Challenger!

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Properly equipped with the rear tire smoking 340 horsepower Hemi V8, and the optional Redline package, the Challenger turned plenty of heads throughout my joyful weeklong loan. Painted in Dodge’s Bright White, this Challenger R/T also possessed stunning 19" titanium finished wheels complete with a red stripe around the rim. A tastefully placed rear wing spoiler promotes the athletic presence.

A proper 6-speed manual transmission, and Hemi powerplant make for a perfect match. Performance is clearly a priority, and grants this large, powerful coupe a 0-60 mph time in just under an enjoyable 5 seconds. The Challenger behaves as it should with a notably composed drive under calm conditions, but quickly turning into a raging machine with a one touch depress of the traction control button to disengage the system.

The interior blends classic with retro, and makes for a comfortable, functional space for all passengers. The dashboard and controls are simple, which is ok, as this muscle cars primary focus is just that, flex it's muscles (under the hood). Intuitive buttons are easy to reach, and do offer an easy to operate functionality. The test car also possessed red-hot leather appointments, underlining the special Redline edition, which blended well with the white exterior. An easy to read screen was the primary focus of attention on the dashboard, and included Chrysler's clever UConnect infotainment system.

The Challenger is a muscle car that retains its nearly everything about its heritage. In my opinion, it remains one of the more notable of its direct competitors, as it returns the best in modern interpretation from the original Challenger from the 70's. After spending time with this modern classic, the choice is now clear that Dodge has once again been able to create a future classic with this 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline. When in the market for an American made muscle car, the Challenger is a must see on a short list of options. For more information, visit the Challenger at