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101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids, by Sandy Silverthorne

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...equip children, parents and teachers "to get up close and personal with the amazing stories, characters and events...


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101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids, by Sandy Silverthorne, Harvest House Publishers, 2010, Ages 9-12, 144 Pages, IXBN-13: 978-0736929264, $6.99

Memorable Bible stories often prompt youngsters to ask surprising questions that make parents and teachers pause and then pick up the Bible. Questions about Goliath, how tall he was, the Tower of Babel, did it really reach to heaven, what did manna taste like and where did God get the tablets for the ten commandments. How could He write on them with His hand instead of a pencil like we do.

Oregon's own Sandy Silverthorne, also author of the Amazing Book of Bible Facts, wrote this version for kids to equip children, parents and teachers "to get up close and personal with the amazing stories, characters and events" of the Bible.

The pocket-sized fact book contains one-page questions, answers, tidbits and stories that follow the Old and New Testament organization. Using the same time line as Scripture gives children biblical continuity.

Playful black and white cartoons further engage and captivate youngsters, sometimes prompting even more questions when you tell them there's one book in the bible that doesn't 't even mention God. Or when children learn how much the pyramid weighs or did David really, really defeat Goliath with a sling and single stone.

Other features include "Bible Bonuses," little known, amazing biblical facts, such as who were the four bald men in the Old Testament. "Word 4 Word" explains common usage of Greek and Hebrew words, such as "spirit" spirit, breath or wind. And "Catch Phrase" where children learn phrases they hear or use daily are from the Bible, such as "a drop in the bucket" which is found in Isaiah 40:15.

This entertaining and informative book, filled with interesting biblical statistics, definitions and other noteworthy tidbits promotes discussions in families or Sunday schools. I also think it's a nice gift for anyone just learning about or reading the Bible.

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