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  • Harry Reid's epitaph
    Harry Reid's epitaph
    Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer demolished Harry Reid, saying that Sen. Reid "emasculated" "his own institution":Harry, we hardly knew ye. And what we did know, we didn’t like. Now I know you’re not...
  • Government Efficiency.jpg
    Naysayers Don’t Provide Verifiable Data to Support Their Claims
    The naysayers who want to dissolve the Village of Brockport talk a lot of doom and gloom, but they seem totally incapable of citing the sources they use to support their claims.It just goes to prove that the authors of the study, Government...
  • Ft Carson WTU.jpg
    Wounded Warriors at Fort Carson Treated like Second Class Citizens
    This country has come a long way since the Vietnam War when veterans were treated like dirt. Back then returning veterans were either not met at the airport by anybody when they arrived home or they were met by anti-war protesters. Today there are...

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  • What is your vision for 2015?
    Connections: Upcoming Events for April 2015
    March 2015 was the hustle and bustle month for Philadelphia area business owners. There were many events for Women's History Month in addition, the Small Business Expo was held at the Convention Center. I thought April 2015 would be an easy...
  • Mad Men Taxi Cab Ad
    As Mad Men's Wild Ride Is Ending, Branding Remains Strong
    Don Draper. Peggy Olson. Roger Sterling. Joan Holloway. Pete Campbell. For six and a half seasons, starting in 2007, these Mad Men character names have become members of the advertising community. The epicenter of that community is Manhattan, the...
  • Free webinar to help your business develop
    Free webinars to help Chicagoans mind their own businesses
    Learn from your own home or office!Entrepreneurs and small business owners in Chicago and beyond will get the opportunity to observe and participate in a series of webinars for improve business prospects.Throughout 2015 and hosted by Francorp Inc....