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  • Obama's speech lacked reality
    America can't afford more hope and change
    Certain political analysts believe the annual State of the Union speech should be discontinued. They claim it does little or no good for anyone and is merely a partisan exhortation representing only the current president's party. Critics of...
  • Trousdale County health profile
    Tennessee health profile - Trousdale County
    Trousdale County is a small Middle Tennessee county, just east of Sumner County. Its principal town is Hartsville, which was the site of a Civil War battle in 1862 featuring the Confederate hero John Hunt Morgan. A driving trail and park...
  • Texas State Rep. Ron Simmons
    Transportation Committees major factor in needed reforms
    When Texas voters elected a new Governor and Lt. Governor, they ushered in a new era of leadership that promised key reforms in the arena of transportation - promising to address the structural funding shortfalls without tolls as well as problems...

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  • Creating an impactful website is hard work.
    3 ways to optimize the impact of your website copy
    Chances are all of your marketing efforts lead potential customers in one direction. Social media, email marketing, blog content, PPC and display advertising…these are all working together to drive traffic to your ultimate selling tool, and...
  • Earned Income Tax Credit: One in five miss out on average $2,400 EITC
    Earned Income Tax Credit: One in five miss out on average $2,400 EITC
    The average Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) adds $2,400 to a tax refund, yet the IRS estimates only four out of five workers claim the credit they are eligible for. In response to this, the IRS offers easy-to-use help for determining eligibility...
  • Credit Card
    Now that income tax time has returned, I will be spending much of the next several months helping taxpayers prepare their 2014 Federal and State Income Tax forms for filing. Among many other things, that means that I will be seeing lots of 1098...