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  • Baltimore rally
    Rally calls for burning stores in Baltimore to get them 'out of our communities'
    While speaking at a rally held in front of Baltimore's City Hall, an individual identified only as "Brother Rose" praised the burning of a CVS store and advocated burning others down to get them out of certain neighborhoods,...
  • Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage
    'Minimum wage' off-topic priority
    Even Bernie Sanders can fall into a political trap by taking on a false flag topic.Hillary Clinton earns 60% of the far liberal and liberal arm of the Democratic party and Bernie doesn’t have a chance to overcome that. However, he can...
  • Drone lands on carrier
    Small things like ‘drones’ point to bigger issues
    The approach taken by the National Politics Examiner is to use newsy stories as a trigger to more investigation and analysis. Today, one of the exceptional sources for news items, The Hill, tossed up “drones” like a skeet from a...

Strange News

  • 21 Grams
    Now you can place your cremated remains into a designer sex toy
    If you thought your sex life was over when your actual life was over, think again. A new product will allow you to continue to engage in pleasing your partner, or anybody else for that matter, long after you have ceased having the blood flow...
  • Woman finds two-way mirror in bar bathroom
    Woman finds two-way mirror in bar bathroom
    A woman became not only curious but suspicious about a full length mirror hanging exactly opposite the toilet she was sitting on in a bar bathroom, and decided to investigate and share her findings on video.Tamale Rocks, a comedian that jokingly...
  • Cop Woman hot car
    Cop: Woman put in hot car to see how her dog felt, cop's punishment goes viral
    A woman made to sit in a hot car by an Ohio police officer was on the blunt end of this cop's personal lesson in animal cruelty. They say the punishment should fit the crime, and for one daft woman, she won’t soon forget what it’s...

Business & Finance

  • May brings job fairs to San Antonio
    May brings job fairs to San Antonio
    The month of May is full of spring blooms that come along with the warmer weather. But there are also job fairs popping up all across the city so don't let spring fever keep you from your next career opportunity. Here is a short list of the...
  • Child learning through activities designed age appropriate
    Child learning through activities designed age appropriate
    Child learning through activities designed age appropriate In June of 2014 our son turned 3 months young and we wanted to find a place where he could begin learning dexterity, and the many early life skills important to a child’s growth. In...
    Designedin helps design students get better chances at being successful after graduation. One of the best thing about being a design student or graduate is that you are able to express your creativity to the fullest. You get to share your ideas...
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