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  • Texas Governor Rick Perry, (R), who does not think much of Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State.
    Perry describes Hillary as 'traveling,' but not making 'good decisions'
    Texas Governor Rick Perry, (R), described Hillary Clinton as "traveling" but not making "good decisions" as Secretary of State. Perry questioned Hillary's performance in that post and cited Benghazi and the attainment of...
  • Nativity BVM.jpg
    Feliz Navidad, Even if we are Political Adversaries
    Christmas has a way of making us put aside our differences. Even when we meet our political adversaries we say “Merry Christmas,” and they say “Merry Christmas” to us.I went to the Midnight Mass at Nativity BVM Church on...
  • CGHandel.jpg
    For Unto us a Child is Born - Handel’s Messiah
    George Frideric Handel's Messiah is the world’s greatest piece of Christmas music, but it was originally an Easter offering. It was first performed on the stage of the Musick Hall in Dublin on April 13, 1742.Now the Messiah is a...

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  • Mid-week market recap: Hedge Funds continue rally
    Mid-week market recap: Hedge Funds continue rally
    For the mid-week ending December 24, 2014, the Dow and S&P 500 closed at record highs as hedge funds fuel the rally. Pundits now believe the rally will falter as the new year starts. And the dramatic drop in crude oil prices is bolstering U.S....
  • Remembering a tiny Christmas Tree
    Christmas in Mali 30 years ago
    On July 9, 1983, while completing the Master's Degree in Communication thesis on work of journalists in New York City and teaching a Sunday School class on the need to help the poor the present writer made the decision to go to Africa to teach...
  • Christmas means Giving to many
    Christmas means Giving to many
    Christmas means Giving to many However, you want to see Christmas the beautiful thing about Christmas is the fact that people spend hours in the day for weeks thinking about giving. It is obvious that people are more considerate and accommodating...