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Zakieya Avery-Monifa Sanford: Child exorcism murders

Zankieya Avery: Child Exorcism
Zankieya Avery: Child Exorcism

CBS Local News is reporting today that two Maryland women have been arrested for murdering two children in an exorcism gone wrong. Zakieya Latrice Avery, 28, is an African-American woman who was responsible for killing her children during an exorcism. The murders occurred in the city of Germantown. Another woman, Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, was also arrested in the murder, according to the New York Daily News. Update: The 'Demon Assassins' case has a trial date set.

Child exorcism case details

The case came to the attention of police after receiving a call from a neighbor stating that there was a child left in a vehicle. Police came to the scene but were unable to get details from the adults in the home. Another neighbor called police after seeing blood and a knife. When police arrived Monifa Denise Sanford was appeared injured and Zakieya Avery tried to escape through a rear door but was apprehended, according to MyfoxDC.

Neighbors say, the two women were roommates and appeared normal until this tragic event. Zakieya is separated from her husband, according to the Washington Post.

Zakieya Avery was a member of a local church and seemed devout. Police have not stated whether or not the religious teachings of the church had an impact on the exorcism ritual.

Exorcism murder scene: Germantown

According to the police report, the murder scene was bloody and disturbing. When police arrived at the home they found the bodies of two children: Norrell Harris, 1, and Zyana Harris, 2,. Both children were dead from multiple stab wounds to the body. Two other children: Taniya Harris, 5, and Martello Harris, 8, were taken to a local area hospital. The women told police they were trying to perform an exorcism on the children.

A sketch of Zakieya Avery

Zakieya Latrice Avery often spoke about her personal problems on her Facebook page. Here are some of the statements she has made in recent weeks.

"So tired of people and there stupid a-- comments....why don't u get a life and stop worrying about mine!!!!!"

"I'm tired of people and there mouths."

"As much as I work with u u work aganist me but keep a smile on my face and let it slide u say time waits for no one and your time with me is running out."

"Ever really want something to the point ur thoughts get clouded and u don't use the best judgement. Seems ur lust heart or emotions get in the way........."

"So upset can't even talk about it."

"Lying down don't feel like doing nothing."

"Just woke up slept awful last night."

"The bible says this world is owned by Satan he is the prince of this world."

"Why is it people can respond to the dummest things in this world or on facebook, but when you put up something they should know or that's educational they ignore it? People are being decieved left and right everyday and don't care to realize it. They think it's safe and everything's a game when this world is owned by satan himself who wants to dumb us down to think there's no consequences for what we do our no hell."

"In this video it has micheal jackson, selena,the pope(if your a catholic this is also for you), as well as the muslim god allah,Children and other celebrities being tormented by demons. I'm not perfect i also have been caught up in the world but now the lord Jesus christ has opened my eyes and is using me to open yours. God wants to save humanity from the attachs of the enemy, he weeps every second someone is thrown in hell. Everyone needs to check themselves and ask themselves am I really doing what God planned for me? Am I going to heaven if I was to die today or will I spend eternity in hell because I refused to listen and wanted to do me?"

Today's update in the case of Zakieya Latrice Avery and Monifa Denise Sanford.

The motive in the exorcism killings was to remove evil spirits from the children. Police have charged both women on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder. There is no bond set.

January 30

The so-called "demon assassins" have been transferred to a mental hospital, according to The Sentinel.

March 13

Zakieya Avery and Monifa Sanford are officially indicted on two-counts of first degree murder. There is also the added charge of two counts of second-degree attempted murder.

Today's update

April 4

Zakieya Avery's trial date is set to begin July 28.

Monifa Sanford's trial date is set for August 25.

Zankieya Avery: Child Exorcism
Zankieya Avery: Child Exorcism Facebook

Zankieya Avery: Child Exorcism

In this photo you see a very pregnant Zakieya Avery. Looking at the photo, one would think all is well. No one could ever predict that this woman would murder her own children in an exorcism gone wrong.

Monifa Sanford-photos
Monifa Sanford-photos Facebook

Monifa Sanford-photos

Here is a photo of Monifa Sanford, the other woman who was arrested for the murders of those children and the attempted murder of two more. Police are still working out a motive in the case.

Zakieya Latrice Avery's Children update
Zakieya Latrice Avery's Children update Facebook

Zakieya Latrice Avery's Children update

Zakieya Avery always shared loving photos of her children. She seemed like a normal mother who loved her kids. Even her neighbors said so. On her Facebook page, she tells everyone that her youngest child is in her stomach.

Mugshots Montgomery County Police Department


Here are some police file photos of Sanford and Avery. Monifa Sanford was actually injured during the attacks as seen in the photo. She was arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department after she was released from the hospital.

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