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You can create Chicago table art

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Chicago table art could be about furniture designs. Most tables have four legs; some have one leg. However, this article concerns graphically-designed tables.

Tables that are graphic designs are usually two-dimensional, and you can create them using computer software programs. These can be word processing programs, spreadsheet programs and drawing programs. Some slideshow creation programs can create tables.

Graphically-designed tables have rows and columns. The rows and columns are usually linear, but you could probably design tables that have Corinthian and Ionic columns. (Rows can have rowboat clip art.)

A three-dimensional table could consist of rows and columns that you would engrave on glass, metal, plastic or wood. These would be sculpture types. After placing your rows and columns, you would be unable to easily add additional rows and columns as you can do with graphically-designed tables using computer software.

Artsy, graphic design tables can have Chicago photos as their backgrounds. Chicago photos can be within the tables’ cells. Chicago tables should contain facts about Chicago. You can merge two or more cells in the top row to place your Chicago title.

Tables usually have borders, but you can design them without borders. Your borders can have thin or thick lines, dotted or dashed lines. Instead of the usual, black lines, you can design borders with red, yellow, red, green or blue lines. If you design tables in Chicago, Ill., you will be designing them south of the Canadian border, and north of the Mexican border.

Ø 3 Chicago-Theme Movies

Ø 2014 Winter Storms

Ø Chicago Art Museums

Ø Chicago Diagonal Streets

Ø Chicago Lakes

Ø Chicago Limits

Ø Chicago Rivers

Ø Chicago Television

Ø CTA Rail Routes

Ø Riverview Roller-Coasters

This winter you will see furniture tables in Chicago parks. These certainly have Chicago themes; they will be concrete or wooden. These tables are likely to have ice and/or snow covers.

3 Chicago-Theme Movies
3 Chicago-Theme Movies © 2014 Vernon Brookins

3 Chicago-Theme Movies

The three movies in this table had many, Chicago scenes. I, Robot and Transformers are science-fiction flicks. Blues Brothers is a comedy. (Dan Akroyd and John Belushi became famous on Saturday Night Live.) 

2014 Winter Storms
2014 Winter Storms © 2014 Vernon Brookins

2014 Winter Storms

Like much of the continental United States, to date in 2014, large, snow amounts fell upon Chicago. Storm Hercules dumped the most snow, and at the same time, a polar vortex occurred. This photo's background shows snow amounts at Edgebrook Golf Course after storm Rex.

Major Art Museums
Major Art Museums © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Major Art Museums

Overlaying tables on art objects (in this case, sculptures) gives graphic designs repetitive interest. The sculpture was, and maybe still is, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Longest Diagonal Streets
Longest Diagonal Streets © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Longest Diagonal Streets

In Chicago like most cities, north-south and east-west streets outnumber diagonal streets. This table shows two of Chicago's, longest, diagonal streets. Some other, diagonal streets are Ogden Avenue, Grand Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Clybourne Avenue and Elston Avenue.

Chicago Lakes
Chicago Lakes © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Chicago Lakes

Lakes add aquatic interest to graphic designs. Of course, in Chicago, Lake Michigan is the most interesting. Underwater photographers will get clearer pictures in Lake Michigan than they would in Lake Calumet or Wolf Lake.

Chicago Limits
Chicago Limits © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Chicago Limits

Chicago's limits are within Cook County. Cook County is within Illinois. Illinois is a Midwestern state in the United States. The United States is a country in Earth's northern hemisphere.

Chicago Rivers
Chicago Rivers © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Chicago Rivers

Believe it or not, Chicago has another river. As a result of extensive snow, the Des Plaines River will flood low-lying areas this February.

Chicago Television
Chicago Television © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Chicago Television

Filmed in Chicago, or with many, Chicago scenes, this graphic design table lists three, popular television shows. You may be able to see Married with Children reruns and Untouchable reruns in Chicago on such networks as Antenna and Me-TV. However, you will not be able to see Bozo the Clown or Garfield Goose & Friends reruns unless you buy DVDs.

CTA Rail Routes
CTA Rail Routes © 2014 Vernon Brookins

CTA Rail Routes

CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is Chicago's, least expensive, public, transportation system. Most of the current, rail routes did not exist in the 1950s. (In the 1950s, the rail cars were wooden instead of metal.)

Riverview Roller-Coasters
Riverview Roller-Coasters © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Riverview Roller-Coasters

The Bobs roller--coaster bobbed exceedingly and terrifyingly. The Comet was probably the tamest roller--coaster. (It did not rocket into outer space.) The Silver Streak resembled a streaking, miniature, silver train without doors. The Fireball's design included red and yellow colors.


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