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Y is that Chicago art

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The penultimate (25th) letter in the English-Latin alphabet is y. Why is that? All I know is y is that. (Yttrium has Y as its chemical symbol. Y is also a suffix.)

Chicago artists can artistically create art with y. They can interestingly and creatively produce such art. Such artists with mathematical inclinations can geometrically create such art with grids where graphic items intersect y-coordinates.

Unless you never move from a spot, you will intersect y-coordinates, which are usually north-south, Chicago streets. Other y-coordinates are longitudes. Cosmically, our planet Earth may have its own galactic y-coordinate. Our planet Earth may also have a dimensional y-coordinate.

Yes, ys do not always require yacht photos or photos of yams. If you can clearly photograph a live yak sitting in the middle of Michigan Avenue, it will be art. If your yo-yo photo causes yawns, most people will not consider it as art.

1. Yak-Yak

2. Yardstick-Halved

3. Yarn

4. Yellow Flowers

5. Yield Sign

6. Yikes!

7. Yipper

8. Yowls-Yellow jackets

9. Yucky!

10. Yummy!

Major distance units in Chicago Bears football games are yards. Some people may consider a Bear halfback crossing the one yard line on the way to a touchdown as art. A Bears’, double-reverse play (Is there such a thing?) may be art.

Major, distance units on Chicago-land golf courses are yards. Yellow golf balls are uncommon, and may be art if photographers photograph them as holes-in-one. Photographs of golfers missing short putts because they have the yips may be art.

A Chicago fisherman catching yellow perch in Lake Michigan may be art. A Chicagoan bird watcher who photographs a yellow-shafted flicker may have created art. Yesterday, you may have inappropriately yelled, “Yoicks!” when you heard yodeling.

Yak-Yak © 2014 Vernon Brookins


In Chicago, land-line, telephone handsets are still common in homes and businesses even though, in my estimate,  approximately 80% of Chicagoans own cell phones. These handsets allow Chicagoans to yakkety-yack or yak-yak as much as they want.

Yards-Halved © 2014 Vernon Brookins


In Chicago in 2014, some, recent, snowfall, amount measurements were in yards, and the snow fell in many yards.. (This metal ruler is ½ yard, 18 inches.) Even after some thawing, many, show piles are more than one yard high.

Yarn © 2014 Vernon Brookins


As a Chicagoan who has experienced many blizzards, you may wish to tell non-Chicagoans yarns about snowballs' weights. Yes, you can do this yearly if you have yet to do it.

Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Yellow Flowers

These yellow flowers are sunflowers (Helianthus annuus). They can grow in many Chicago-land gardens. They can also grow in Chicago's Lincoln Park Conservatory. These flowers do not come directly from the sun using solar wind vehicles.)

Yowl-Yellow jackets
Yowl-Yellow jackets © 2014 Vernon Brookins

Yowl-Yellow jackets

During late spring, summer and autumn in Chicago-land, yellow jackets emerge from their dens to sting many people. These insects, which are not bees but wasps, can cause yowls from those bitten. 

Yield SIgn
Yield SIgn © Microsoft

Yield SIgn

Chicago-land has many yield signs. These signs are usually where ramps merge into highways and/or expressways. At these locations, vehicles that are already on the highways, roads or expressways have the right-of-way, so if you are entering, you should yield.

Yikes! © 2014 Vernon Brookins


During several, recent, 2014 ice storms, Chicagoans may have yelled, "Yikes!" when they saw similar, ice collections. This ice could be on stairs or rooftops. (Hopefully, no one climbed onto rooftops to remove such collections.)

Yipper © 2014 Vernon Brookins


This yipper is a bull-dog. He/she was at a Chicago dog show. (To be fair, he/she did not yip during the time that I took this photo.) I have yet to hear of any canine yippers that are also yippies.

Yucky! © 2013 Vernon Brookins


Throughout the year in Chicago-land, but usually in spring and autumn, rain saturates the ground enough to create yucky puddles. These gray puddles will create yucky stains on pants if people walk through them. 

Yummy © 2014 Vernon Brookins


These are some popular, candy brand wrappers available in Chicago-land stores. The candy is yummy. How many brands can you identify? One of the brands is Twizzlers. 


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