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Wrongs don’t make a right

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The Obama Administration wants $100 million in taxpayer dollars to bailout Detroit. After decades of progressive policies, the Motor City is going bankrupt. Tucson Superintendent Sanchez wants free education for illegal aliens. That’s not the only misplaced tax dollars, $ billions subsidize loans for other countries to encourage them to buy from the US. Here’s the scoop on how we’re losing the Middle Class. Who’s behind it, you know and he’s the best at turning any bipartisan topic into his own agenda.

Police, a grave concern in Detroit
Police, a grave concern in Detroit Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Police, a grave concern in Detroit

Progressives in DC won’t admit to their failures. Detroit’s failure was a result of their irresponsible policies and now they want us to foot the bill. Obama already bailed out Detroit’s auto companies. Now he wants to bail out a city that’s been run by radical liberal policies for decades. Detroit can fix itself when taxes and spending are cut, and businesses move back. Entrepreneurs left Detroit because the unions wouldn’t let them make a profit. Detroit doesn’t need a handout, but a hand up. It starts with getting its fiscal house in order - not a bailout.

Illegal Aliens crossing from Mexico into Arizona
Illegal Aliens crossing from Mexico into Arizona John Moore/Getty Images

Illegal Aliens crossing from Mexico into Arizona

have the immigration issue and in Tucson they’ve raised the stakes as Superintendent H.T. Sanchez wants illegal aliens educated with public funds. He and his cronies want to put up big banners saying they welcome immigrants. Sanchez is adamant about education for everyone- perhaps he should foot the bill instead of the hardworking taxpayers.

The new Fed Chair may stop the bleeding
The new Fed Chair may stop the bleeding Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The new Fed Chair may stop the bleeding

American taxpayers are funding cronyism with loans to even hostile nations. Yes, your elected officials are funding corporate welfare and it does absolutely nothing for us. Besides those funded the only benefactors are the banks! What we need is the Free Competition in Currency Act (HR 77) to be put through. Alas, this won't happen with this Congress because the Fed allows their spending to continue by printing unsupported money. At least audit the Fed with H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

State of the Middle Class-dream is fading
State of the Middle Class-dream is fading Chris Graythen/Getty Images

State of the Middle Class-dream is fading

American Middle Class is being eradicated, the dream is just that. Canadian’s now have a wealthier Middle Class than us. Why because their economy didn’t collapse, they didn’t bailout their banks like we did. There may have been some kind of bank aid but it cannot be compared to the many bailouts by our government.



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