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Woven scarves

Jane Patrick & Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Weaving, especially on rigid heddle looms is gaining in popularity. These looms are easy to store, don't take up much room when in use and the results "a broad range of possibilities" are fabulous. Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov have written "Woven Scarves", 26 inspired designs for the rigid heddle loom.

The book is designed for weavers who have warped a loom and woven several projects (beginners or advanced beginners). There are drafts provided (when needed) for those who use a shaft loom. Plain weave is anything but plain and the basis of this book. The photographs are clear and large. The patterns have step by step pictures where required for ease of explanation.

With plain you can create stripes, plaids and checks. The color combinations are endless. Weaving is a place where two different colors of yarn can become three. The hardest thing you will encounter in this book is which one to make first. Maybe just start with the first one and work your way through the book.

'Log Cabin' is black and white, that is so much more than a block pattern. Perfect unisex scarf. 'Bobble Scarf' is a sporty stripe that has a plaid border and show stopping complimentary pom-poms as fringe. Try using some 'Stainless Steel' yarn to create this not-so-ordinary scarf. The look created is gauzy, both light and airy with attitude. 'Eyelet Scarf' is created by pulling the wefts to open holes in the fabric. The fringe is finished off with vintage beads and pearls.

Get will have gifts for everyone.

Woven to Wear
Woven to Wear Marilyn Murphy

Woven to Wear

Marilyn Murphy has put together 17 thoughtful designs with simple shapes in "Woven to Wear". This book is not just for weavers. Knitters, crocheters and sewers will enjoy combining woven fabrics with fine detailing and finishing touches. You don't have a floor loom? Most of the patterns in the book can be woven on a (tabletop) rigid heddle loom.

Rustic Modern Crochet
Rustic Modern Crochet Yumiko Alexander

Rustic Modern Crochet

Yumiko Alexander has designed 18 patterns inspired by nature, with an organic feel to them, in "Rustic Modern Crochet". Her designs transform the finished pieces into wearable art. The patterns include a hat, scarves, shawls, shrugs and more.

Cozy Knits
Cozy Knits Tanis Gray

Cozy Knits

Tanis Gray has gathered together a collection of 50 fast and easy projects from top designers "Cozy Knits". The patterns are 'cozy, quick and cute' for every person in your family and your home. All the patterns are knit using Cascade Pacific, a superwash merino yarn.