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World education for world book day

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Today is World Book Day, and a perfect day to introduce geography and multicultural concepts to young children with some great books for learning about the world. Why not combine two celebrations into one by celebrating books and our world in which we live with some great books that teach geography and multicultural concepts that are necessary for successful living in our world today?

Research has shown that our students in later grades are somewhat lacking in geography skills. Early childhood educators have the opportunity to introduce these skills in their classroom so that students can learn the basics in early grades to take with them and build on knowledge in later grades. The new Common Core that is now in full implementation in the Sarasota County School System includes new National Geography Standards beginning in kindergarten. The new guide for teaching geography skills is designed to help teachers teach concepts, skills, and the components to help children become geographically literate. Geography skills that are being taught in the updated Common Core curriculum are blended with English language arts and the connection to geography. The guide is in partnership with National Geographic education. Concepts that must be presented are highlighted where instruction must take place. Parents can learn more about the Common Core Standards for geography by logging on at the website for Sarasota County Schools. Sarasota County Schools have combined the new Common Core standards with the Sunshine State Standards to teach geography skills beginning in kindergarten.

Some great choices for combining World Book Day and books about our world are reviewed in the following List. The Listed books are recommended for young children from kindergarten-through 3rd grade.

Children around the world
Children around the world Getty

Children around the world

"A Child's Introduction to the World" by Heather Alexander, is recommended for ages 7-12.  Countries, terrains, and cultures are all part of this book for children to discover fun facts about their world.  Characteristics about the continents, basic knowledge of hemispheres, latitude and longitude, map notations, and land topography in our world are all included for children to discover. Sidebars on each age are of particular interest in that biographies of explorers, fun facts, and geography projects are all part of this interesting tool for teaching geography.  A pop-up globe and stickers will also be of interest.

This book was published by Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers, and has an ISBN of 9781579128326.

Dr. Seuss with maps
Dr. Seuss with maps Getty

Dr. Seuss with maps

"There's a Map on My Lap-All About Maps" by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz is a great choice for teaching geography in early childhood classrooms.  The Cat in the Hat teaches Dick and Sally about city, state, and world maps.  Topographic terms, terrain symbols, and fun facts about the geography of our world are all part of this book.  This books is part of the Cat in the Hat Learning Series, and was published by Random House Children's Books.  It has an ISBN of 9780375810992.

Children just like me
Children just like me Getty

Children just like me

"Children Just Like Me" by Anabel Kindersley introduces children to their peers in other countries around the world.  Geography skills are interesting when children can relate to their world with familiar foods, houses, schools, and cultures. Beautiful photographs of schools, houses, family life, friends, and cultures around the world are featured in this choice for teaching geography skills.  140 countries are represented, and this book is divided into continents. It is recommended for ages 8-12, and was published by DK Publishing, Inc.  it has an ISBN of 9780780402011.