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Wildlife Refuge in Alexandria, VA

a beautiful day
Lindsay Ahart

The Wildlife Refuge and Dyke is a hidden little gem on the Potomac in Alexandria, VA!

What exactly can you see and do here?

It offers a nice little trail, about 1 mile each way, around the Potomac River. It is off of the beaten path and is almost hidden right next to the Belle Haven Marina. The marina is the perfect spot to rent a sailboat after a nice nature walk!

This trail attracts bird watchers from all over due to the rare species and exotic birds that refuge there.

It is also really nice if you are taking your dog for a walk through there because there are lots of spots to let them take a little dip in the water. It is great for a hot day! I also always see children dipping their feet in and enjoying the beach areas that the trail offers.

At the end of the trail you walk along a dock that goes for about a quarter of a mile over the Potomac. It is really cool to look below and see all different types of fish, turtles, water snakes and all types of wild life. It is also popular for people to go fishing here.

It is a beautiful walk and there is a lot to see. It is also very enjoyable to not have many people around and be secluded on the water and with nature. This is one little adventure that will not be a disappointment and is a great place to explore the outdoors while finding peace of mind.

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Walk the Trail
Walk the Trail Lindsay Ahart

Walk the Trail

Enjoy the 2 mile walk (round trip). Enjoy bird watching, look out for poison ivy though! You will see people with cameras because it is a super popular place for people to come and enjoy the wildlife, especially the birds! Be on the watch for a bald eagle!

Let your Dog Play!
Let your Dog Play! Lindsay Ahart

Let your Dog Play!

It's popular for the dog to enjoy the water! Dogs have to be kept on a leash, but it is ok to take them off for a quick dip. There are lots of little coves to stop in at and let your furry friend enjoy!

Children Play too!
Children Play too! Lindsay Ahart

Children Play too!

You and the kids dip your feet in! The Potomac is not as dirty as most people think. Over the past few years the river has proven to have cleaned up and is great for all of us to enjoy!

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