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Why you should love Valentine's Day if you're single

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When you see the heart-shaped box of chocolates, do you cringe?

Romance comes alive in the month of February as lovers everywhere pick out gifts and plan the perfect surprise for their beloved.

But for some singles, Valentine's Day rolls around in an unwelcome light, reminding them that they have no "special someone."

This year you can turn it all around!

Before you roll your eyes at every diamond jeweler commercial and try to avoid gagging at all the Facebook posts about sappy romantic gestures from your coupled friends, there is hope.

And guess what? No one has to show up suddenly in your life to sweep you off your feet to enjoy Valentine's Day.

How is this possible? The "special someone" is you, silly!

All you need to have a great time celebrating is to make it all about you. Why not use this day to show yourself just how much you care? Order that spa package or pick out your favorite box of chocolates. No need for a partner when you're busy loving yourself.

Your kids will love to see you happy, so leave the guilt trip for another day.

Not only does being single keep your attention undivided from your most prized possessions (your kids), but it will be a fun day to spoil them and get the same in exchange. Don't forget to hide the chocolates you pick out if you don't want to lose them to your chirping birds.

Click on the slideshow to see more reasons why you should love Valentine's Day when you're single.

1. There's no pressure
1. There's no pressure Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

1. There's no pressure

1. There's no pressure.

Since you only have to worry about pleasing yourself, there's absolutely no pressure for failing to make the day special. You most certainly won't be lamenting about the "wrong" gift you give yourself, now, will you?

2. No need to share
2. No need to share Michael Buckner/Getty Images

2. No need to share

2. No need to share your plate of food, chocolate or any other goodies.

If you're eating at a fancy restaurant and find the portions tend to disappear on the big plate they're served on, not having to share is a nice perk for being single on Valentine's Day.

3. You pick your own chocolate
3. You pick your own chocolate Junko Kimura/Getty Images

3. You pick your own chocolate

3. You can pick whatever chocolate you like.

Ever get a box of those cherry liquor dark chocolates and had to act as though you like them? Yeah, I hated that stuff, too. If you want the most expensive box of hand-crafted confection or just the drug store version of chewy-gooey chocolate, the choice is yours.

4. You are the "special someone"
4. You are the "special someone" Junko Kimura/Getty Images

4. You are the "special someone"

4. You are the "special someone," so get ready to spoil yourself!

Why not go for the gold foil spa treatment? Hey, you know you're worth it. With the money you'll save on not buying gifts for someone else, you can double the budget you set out for yourself.

5. You'll probably save money
5. You'll probably save money Scott Olson/Getty Images

5. You'll probably save money

5. You'll probably end up saving money.

And since we mentioned there's no one else to shop for or splurge on beside yourself, you'll have a nice wad of cash safely secured in your wallet. For the guys especially, this is a moment to rejoice. For ladies, it means the nice pair of shoes or the spa package you've had your eye on.

6. Your kids get more love
6. Your kids get more love Adam Berry/Getty Images

6. Your kids get more love

6. Your kids will get more undivided love from you, as you will from them.

Who says you have "no one?" Your kiddos will always love you more than any other prospect out there, so they deserve that extra time and effort you can spend with them. At least just for this one day, you can leave the dirty dishes in the sink and join them for a video game.

7. Opportunities await you
7. Opportunities await you Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

7. Opportunities await you

7. Opportunities await you, and that's some positive news!

Unlike many couples who dread Valentine's Day for all the planning, spending and anxiety of disappointing a significant other, you'll be imagining what kinds of great opportunities wait for you in the future. Your potential prospect will appreciate that you took this time to really live and show yourself you care.



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