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Why are our LAWMAKERS NOT BOUND by our LAWS?

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Democrats have controlled one or both Houses of Congress for all but eight of the last sixty-four years. In that time they have given themselves the best of everything, including immunity from citizens and the laws they impose on the people.

  • Give themselves a platinum pension
  • Give themselves a Cadillac health plan
  • Allow themselves insider trading
  • Make regulations to restrict businesses so that they fail unless they pay them graft
  • Give subsidies of taxpayer money to businesses that contribute to their campaigns
  • Grant tax loopholes to their rich friends from which others cannot benefit
  • May freely commit slander and lie in Congress without fear of litigation

The charges made by the likes of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) the Democrat Senate Majority Leader and Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) staggers the minds of righteous people. Declaring that Republicans want to kill people, steal from them, that they all lie, and that none of them pay taxes is not only insane, not only lies, it is evil. Reid entered Congress a man of modest wealth and is now among the richest, wealth made on the backs of taxpayer's.

This is why there is a movement to enact a Constitutional Amendments that requires Congress to;

  • use a flat tax and not make loopholes for their friends while forcing others to pay more
  • balance the budget based on tax income and not on how much they want to spend
  • have term limits so they don't think government is their career and expect benefits
  • live by the laws it imposes on citizens
Platinum pensions
Platinum pensions Unknown

Platinum pensions

Democrats in Congress believe they are deserving of a platinum pension for serving the nation.  Congress was never meant to be a career, nor were taxes meant to pay a salary to those who choose to govern.  Those who run for Congress enter as millionaires and leave as multi-millionaires, and they believe they deserve to be paid by taxpayers for the rest of their lives?

Cadillac health care
Cadillac health care Unknown

Cadillac health care

Congressional Democrats passed a law to give themselves 100% health care coverage at the expense of the taxpayer.  Most people get some coverage from their employer, but the employer decides what they get.  Congressmen awarded this to themselves for their service to the nation.

Insider trading
Insider trading David Granlund

Insider trading

While it is illegal and a criminal offense for Wall Street traders to act on insider information for profit, Congress allows their own members to do exactly that.  Not only can they profit from insider trading, they make the rules and regulations by which business operates and can manipulate a company's success.

Regulating business
Regulating business Joint Economic Committee Republicans

Regulating business

Congress uses their power to decide which businesses can move forward and which they will regulate to hold back.  This manipulation is legislating what business operations can succeed and which they can doom to failure.

Government subsidies
Government subsidies Unknown

Government subsidies

Congress chooses what businesses will benefit from taxpayer funding to aid their company's operations.  In doing so they can make an unprofitable company profitable, at least for those running the business.  Solyndra took millions and went out of business.

Tax Loopholes
Tax Loopholes (illegible)

Tax Loopholes

Obama's class warfare is based on setting the peasants against the nobles because they have tax loopholes and pay a lesser percentage in taxes.  But the loopholes they have were given them by Democrats in Congress who made them for their friends to pay less taxes.  Dr. Ben Carson espoused the only righteous tax - a flat rate for everyone without loopholes, breaks, or subsidies.

Legal slander and lies
Legal slander and lies CSPAN2

Legal slander and lies

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is infamous for his slanderous remarks on the floor of the Senate.  Congressmen have made themselves immune from slander laws if they tell lies at the microphone.  Reid's lies about Gov. Mitt Romney's taxes, the TEA Party, and ObamaCare sufferers know no depths to which he will not sink.